Friday, January 1, 2010

31 Days of being thankful!

I saw a few people doing a month of being thankful, during November... And I didn't see it until half way through the month. I thought it was such a neat idea! So Then I thought I will do it for December. Well.... okay, forgot about it... so now, here I am! What better time, then to start at the beginning of a new year! So for all of January, everyday, I will post something I am thankful for. I am really excited to do this... however, all day today I have been thinking what on earth would I start with? So, I guess we will start with the obvious............

This little beautiful boy.... Oh my goodness, I don't even have the words to express the love I have for him. I am so unbelievably thankful for this precious blessing. He is the reason I breath, the reason I get out of bed, the reason I know how to love. He is so sweet, and so funny, and so smart. I am so thankful he is so healthy, and that he's MINE!! :)

Man, he gives me challenges... especially today, when he wouldn't take a nap, so he was EXTRA fun tonight... But there are memories like earlier today, that make is sooooo worth it! We went to the theater today and saw The Princess and The Frog. He sat on my lap for the first hour... but then he didn't want to sit anymore. I was kinda getting nervous as to what he was going to do next... but he just stood there in front of me dancing like crazy to the music! Oh it was soooo cute! It made my day!

So, there, you have it... I am thankful for my son, Cohen!

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shanda said...

I wish I was there to see that. That had to be so cute

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