Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 23

Today I finished reading a book. I haven't been able to say that in probably 6 years. I hate reading. I would much rather watch TV, read a magazine,watch a movie... anything. But I decided to read a certain book, and I did it! I finished it in one weekend! The book you ask? What a wonderful book! I am thankful that I decided to read this, I'm thankful that there are books out there like this, and i"m thankful I finished it! This book is sure brilliance! I don't care if you think you have the most perfect relationship, this book is amazing! Jeff's in the process of reading it too! I HIGHLY recommend it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 22

I am very thankful to Little Clippers... the haircutting place i took Cohen to today. When we lived in Utah, we went to a kid's hair cutting place that we LOVED. We saw the same lady every 5 weeks. It was wonderful. At first it wasn't, and usually at the beginning of the cut, he would freak out. but after a minute, he was fine. Then we moved here, and had no idea where to go. I googled Kid's hair cutting places... and found a couple. The closest one was in West Linn. So we checked it out. I made the appointment, and warned them of Cohen. They assured me that they deal with it everyday, and it was no big deal. Well it was a very cute place... very girly though. It was more of a little girl's boutique than a kid's place. The lady that cut Cohen's hair was awful. She kinda made me feel bad for having a kid that wouldn't sit still. It really irritated me. And it was pretty expensive. I didn't even like the cut either. BOOO! I wouldn't recommend that place ever.

So today, we decided to try the next closest one in Lake Oswego. When we pulled up, I thought, "this is more like it!!" It was AWESOME! yes, Cohen freaked out, but the lady was sooooo nice about it. she called herself "Grandma Nancy!" sooo cute! After just a minute, Cohen calmed down, and did an awesome job! I just loved it! So i am very grateful we have found Cohen's new salon! Yipppeeeee!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life as a 2 year old

I thought I needed to start posting funny things Cohen does day to day... so here's one that happened the other day.

I was in the play room, rocking Molly to sleep, and Jeff went in to check on Cohen during his "nap" time. All I see is Jeff walk into Cohen's room, ask "Cohen?", start laughing and tell me to come here! So I go into Cohen's room and to my surprise, I don't see him anywhere! I asked Jeff where he is, and while laughing, Jeff points under the bed! I look down and all I see are Cohen's feet!! I asked Jeff if he was asleep. and he shrugged his shoulders like he didn't know. I asked, "Cohen???" and a few seconds later, Cohen pokes his head out, with such a cute mischievous smile!! Jeff and I start laughing sooo hard! It was so funny. i have no idea what he was doing under there... but I'm happy he was, cause it made our day! :)

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 21

I'm thankful for sundays. I'm thankful we have a day to just chill. I wouldn't really use the word "chill" in reference to before church... but after church... there isn't a rush for anything. I'm thankful for a beautiful church building. Our building is so pretty, and so nice. And I'm thankful for those that clean it. Jeff and I spent a saturday morning a few weeks ago, helping clean the building, and now I truly appreciate, and do not take for granted how clean the building is! We cleaned things I would have never thought of! So today, i guess I'm thankful for a few things!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My 6 month old princess....

My sweet little princess Toodles. She turned 6 months old today! Oh I just love her so much. She has brought so much laughter and love into our family! Cohen just absolutely adores her, and loves her so much! As do we, but I think we are all amazed at how Cohen and her interact with eachother! It's priceless... and a mother's dream! Molly rolls and scoots all over the place. And just within the last few days, has been rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Before we know it, she'll be into EVERYTHING! She has the sweetest, cutest, prettiest, funniest, laid back personality. She is such a good baby! And the cutest is when you, or anyone smiles at her! She gets a HUGE grin, and buries her face! It's sooo cute! She's such a flirt! Oh I just love that girl. I am so thankful she's apart of our family. We love her so much. Happy 6 months little sweetheart! :)

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 20

This morning my mom and I went to a bazaar. Not just any bazaar, but the Bilquist Bazaar! It was so fun! I am very thankful for bazaars! We found such fun things! For example... it looked kinda like a place mat, that was covered with a waterproof cover. The fabric had cars on it, with streets, and signs, and sewn into the mat, were two slots for matchbox cars! It was sooo stinkin cute! I want to figure out how to make them! I thought it was perfect for Cohen, like at restaurants, and church! Bazaars are just so fun to get fun ideas to make myself, or buy things from those that think of it, and I don't have to put in the time and energy in making it! :) So thanks all you crafty people that share your ideas with me!

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 8

I am so thankful for the Clackamas County library system! While being here, I have learned how cool the library is. First I thought it was cool, cause they have a GIGANTIC kids room with floor to ceiling, wall to wall books for COHEN!! It's awesome!!! I was shocked when I first walked in and found that room was just for kids! Second, their dvd collection for kids, is just amazing! And on top of that, their dvd's are free to rent! okay, the other thing that I love, is that I can reserve books on their website. But what's so cool, is that the system is through all the cities in Clackamas County. So if there's a book in Lake Oswego I want, i just reserve it, and they send it to the Gladstone library in like a day! It's just BRILLIANT! And if you know me, you know that I'm not much of a reader... so hopefully that will help me in that department! :)

So thank you Clackamas County for having an amazing library system for your residents! It just shows you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover... The Gladstone library isn't the nicest, biggest, prettiest building.... but man, it is a GREAT library with a WONDERFUL staff!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of being Thankful: day 7

Today I'm thankful for motorized carts. As I mentioned before, Allison just had surgery. Yesterday she was going a little crazy being cooped up in the house for two days. So she wanted to go to Target. Thankfully Target provided a cart, so that it would be possible for Allison to shop, without getting warn out, or injured! And I'm also thankful for a cute little sister to be cute enough to ride one of these things!! :) It's all about being thankful for the little things! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: day 6

Today I am thankful for..................... wait for it.............. boy bands. Particularly N SYNC! They seriously are the most wonderful thing ever. They have truly brought me closer to people, because of their music! Today while Allie, Tracey, and I were driving to Target, Allie put it on her iPod. Instantly we start singing at the top of our lungs! Well not Allie, cause she just had surgery... but ya know what I mean! :) I really wish they would do a reunion tour. Us sisters were talking, and we said, without hesitation, that we would definitely go see them... no matter how much they are! I've already seen them 5 times in concert.... you may think I'm a dork, but I know I'm awesome.
So thank you 'N SYNC. For being awesome, beautiful boys, that make wonderful music!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 5

I am so thankful we moved back to the Pacific NW! I love this city. So much. And I'm so happy to be close to my family. Especially today. My little sis, Allie, Had surgery this morning. And I've been able to be here to help take care of her! It's been so fun waiting on her. I'm just happy we're back! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 4

Today I'm thankful for two things. First and foremost, I am so very thankful to my wonderful husband and best friend, JEFF! I am so thankful I found him, and he chose me 5 years ago! We have had a wonderful life together the past 5 years, and I'm so excited for the years to come! He definitely makes me who I am, and makes me a better person, wife, and mother. He is such a good dad to Cohen and Molly! Holy cow, he's so sweet with them. And I know he loves them so much, and would do anything for them and me!
Secondly, I'm thankful for a temple marriage. Jeff and I were married in the Portland temple 5 years ago today! Happy Anniversary to us! :) I'm so thankful we chose to be married in the temple, and I'm sooo thankful for all the blessings that come from being married in the temple. We get to be together for all eternity!! WAHOOO! What a wonderful blessing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 3

So as most people know, we (as the people) had the opportunity to Vote last night! I am thankful that we have that right. That we are able to voice our opinion, and most of the time, be heard! :)

I must note though, that i did not vote. I know, I know, I'm writing how thankful I am to be heard, and vote... however, I feel that you should not vote if you are NOT informed! So I did not vote. Thanks to my little sister though, I was informed, but I'm not registered! :( This now has taught me to finally get REGISTERED, and VOTE! I'm actually really excited to vote now!

So thank you to all that voted, and voiced your opinion, to make this place a better place to live!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: day 2

Portland in the fall!!

I am so thankful for the scenery around me! It's just amazingly beautiful. Fall is by far my favorite season. The colors, the smells, the weather... everything. Especially in Oregon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 1

Okay, I tried doing this last year, and failed on the last few days. NOT this year! I have so much to be thankful for. Really, I do! But for some reason, it's hard to post everyday about the little things. WHICH, I think, the little things are the most important. Because it's the little things that makes the big blessings that much greater!

Today I'm thankful for being thankful. Sounds like a cop out? Maybe... but I am really thankful that I'm a positive, grateful person. I'm so thankful that I'm not just a bum that sits around feeling sorry for myself all the time. Instead, I look at the positive, and try to be happy!