Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 Days of being thankful: day 23

I am thankful for Sundays. For several reasons..... First, Sunday's are the ONLY day of the week i get to sleep in. Jeff gets up with Cohen, and I sleeeeeeep! And ever since our church changed times to 1 PM (yuck)... we have been waking Cohen up around 7:15, so that we can give him a nap before church. So my sweet hubby even gets up early on Sunday, just so I can sleep!

I love that we are 'forced' to do absolutely nothing on Sundays! It's our chance to relax, and prepare for the crazy week. And I love that I can stay in my PJ's all day (except for church, duh) and I don't have to feel lazy about it!

I will admit that I haven't had that great of time at church the last, oh let's just say 6 months! It's been really hard with Cohen... so I hardly even make it to class, and if I do, I spend my time entertaining him, or chasing him around. And I know, i know, EVERYONE has their opinion about nursery.... but DANG IT, I'm excited for today!!! He is going to nursery, without me this time, and I get to go to class!!! We will see how he does...

So i am thankful for the sabbath day, that we can relax, mingle at church, and just take it easy.

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