Thursday, November 12, 2009

What does a cow say???

Cohen is such a talker! There are things he says well, and things he mimicks from Jeff and I. He is such a little chatter box! It's soooo funny listening to him. Some mom's think he says certain words... but it just doesn't sound like it to me... so here are the things he says, that I know for sure!

  • mama
  • dada
  • deeeeg (dog)
  • mow (meow)
  • moooo
  • hi
  • uh uh uhhhh (while shaking his head no!)
  • yeah (he says it really high pitched (not sure if that's what he thinks it means, but he uses it at the correct times :) )
  • no
  • whenever he sees a bird, or a duck or a balloon, he always gets really excited and says the same thing, but it's not a word, or at least to me!
  • keeey (kitty)
  • mmmmm (while he's eating, if he likes it, he says it! I totally taught him that one!)

That's all I can think of now. But he just started saying mooo after I ask him what a cow says. Usually I would ask him what a cow says, he would look at me, I would moo, and then he would moo! I'm working on what a kitty says. Since he can 'meow', I need to put it together! I think it helps that he sees a kitty all day every day!

Oh my gosh, speaking of kitty. FUNNIEST thing!! I NEED to get a video of it. Whenever Baxter is up high, like on the arm of the couch, Cohen will go over and start reaching for him. Well then Baxters tail will sway back and forth and rub in Cohen's face, and Cohen just starts laughing! And just stands there while Baxter's tail hits him in the face!! It's sooooo funny! ok, maybe this isn't funny without a video. I'll work on getting one by next week!

Jeff and I are leaving tomorrow for St. George! This is our weekend get away for our anniversary that was last week! I'm really excited for this trip. Cohen is going to Grandma Gail's... which means, I get to sleep in! We are staying in Jeff's parent's vacation house down there. And then on Saturday we are going to VEGAS! woohooo! I'm really excited! And then we're coming home on sunday. Of course I will post pictures next week. This is the first 'trip' without Cohen. I don't really feel sad, or worried, I feel more guilty! Like, "we're leaving you here, so we can go have fun!" It's kinda sad..... But i know he's in excellent hands with my Mother-in-law!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween... continued.....

Oh wow, I am horrible! I didn't even mention Cohen's costume... AT ALL!!!! So a month or so before Halloween came around, Jeff and i were trying to figure out what we should have Cohen be. No offense to all the moms out there that put their kids into lady bugs, or puppy dogs, or bunnies...... I just wanted Cohen to be in something not so "babyish", ya know? He's definitely too old for those, but too young for Thomas the train, or ninjas, or whatever else... So like three weeks before, I posted a comment on Facebook, how I had no idea what to do for Cohen for Halloween! My wonderful sister, Allison commented, saying, "didn't you get my text?? I found the most perfect costume, and i'm mailing it tomorrow!!" Man, she's so great.

I didn't want her to tell me what it was, cause I wanted to be surprised. When the package came, I was so excited. When I opened it, my jaw dropped, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!! A miniature golf outfit!!!!!!!! HOLY POO IT WAS PERFECT!!! As soon as Cohen woke up from his nap, I immediately put him in it! Oh I was laughing so hard!

So THANK YOU Auntie Allie for the BEST costume ever!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo much fun to have him in such a perfect costume!

Cohen's "first" halloween!

Ummm..... HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I can brag, cause one, this is MY blog, two... he's my son, and three.... DUH, look at him!!!! :)

Wow, I had my expectations for how I was expecting Halloween to be this year, and WOW, it didn't go ANYTHING like I expected!! however, the evening did end with these great pictures, So i guess, it was a success.....

I guess I should explain... Saturday morning, Jeff and I decided to drive up to Park city to the outlet mall. Well, we left a lot later than we had expected, so i was hoping Cohen would just take a little snooze in the car. Trust me, Jeff and I are regretting that one, BIG TIME. We have NEVER, N.E.V.E.R skipped Cohen's nap before. And we will NEVER, N.E.V.E.R, E.V.E.R DO IT AGAIN!!!!! woooooowwwwwzers! I won't even go into detail.... just use your imagination............ :)

So when we finally got home, it was definitely too late to lay him down for a nap, cause it was time to get him ready for trick-or-treating! Well, since Jeff and I haven't gone trick or treating in years, we had NO idea what time people usually start going. We were just planning on going around our cul-de-sac, and then up to Jeff's aunt's house that lives around the corner, and then up to Jeff's sisters house for dinner. Well we got ONE trick or treater..... It was really sad. And Cohen wanted outside so bad. He just would wander around. And if I'd bring him back into the house, he would LITERALLY run like five feet, THROW himself onto the floor, and THRASH AROUND screaming and crying. I have NEVER witnessed anything like that before!!! I was soooo tempted to take a picture, or a video of this event, but then i was thinking, I don't really want to re-live that! Wow....

Cohen wasn't interested in trick-or-treating at all. He just wanted to walk around. He just threw one fit at a time..................

Okay, enough complaining.... I shouldn't be, knowing how fetching cute he is! I have DEFINITELY learned my lesson! And I know he's still a little too young to really understand this holiday.... maybe next year I'll have some better stories!

HA HA HA!!!! So Jeff and I aren't really fans of Halloween.... We were invited to a Halloween party, so obviously we had to come up with something. I'm sorry, but like all the costumes at the party stores, are so lame, and so expensive. We could not justify spending fifty bucks on some costume we would wear once. So then we were trying to come up with something from our closet. Well the night before the party, I was taking a shower.... and the photos above are what I came up with in my head!! We were the all time biggest nerds. PERFECT!!! yes, that is the most Awesome New Kids on the Block sweater you have ever seen, yes those are maternity capri's I am wearing OVER my sweater... yes, Jeff is just ever so handsome!
Totally paid off though, cause we won "MOST DISGUSTING COSTUME" at the party!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! :)

First trip to the Hogle Zoo

Last week, Jeff and I took Cohen to the Zoo! I kind of regret it now, cause the whole morning we were there, he was in SUCH a bad mood!!! We couldn't keep him in the stroller, and if we got him out, he didn't want to be held... he just wanted to wander around! I'm sorry but I didn't pay money for him to just walk around on the sidewalk!!! :)
It was pretty fun though, cause the zoo had so many newborn babies!! It was so fun! Baby tigers, a baby giraffe, the cutest little baby elephant, and some others.... The elephant was probably my favorite animal there!! Ahhhh... There's a video down below of just how cute he was! I really wish we lived closer to the Zoo, so we could get a year pass.... but it's way to far to go often. :( This was the first day he wore these shoes... and I hope my family will help me, cause we can NOT remember who gave these to us! I could have sworn, we bought them, but Jeff says it was one of his aunties..... Sisters, a little help????? Either way, they are sooooo stinkin cute on him! It was sad when we had to retire his converse. :(
And I just love this picture, him on his tippy toes!!!

This is my favorite picture of the day. Father and son enjoying the elephants! So cute!

And here's the video of the baby elephant! Soooo cute!