Saturday, January 23, 2010

31 Days of being thankful: day 22

I am thankful for beautiful surroundings. It snowed last night, and when Jeff and I were looking outside at it, it was just sooooo pretty! Everything white and pure, and the sky was so bright from the reflection. Then today, while we were driving on the freeway, all the trees were completely covered in snow. And it was just soooo beautiful! Jeff even mentioned it! :)

I'm just thankful that we have beautiful things to look at, and be surrounded by on a daily basis. I know I take those things for granted, but I'm truly thankful for that. I remember going on road trips when I was younger... and my mom and I would always point out really pretty things. I loved that. I hope you point things out in the car when you see them, even if you sound silly!

Thank you beautiful snow!


The Jen said...

I know, isn't it funny how the cheapest dumbest stuff they love. I love your 31 days of being thankful. I will copy you some day. But I still have so much blog catching up to do. And if you think Jeffer is turning into a little man, you should take another look at Cohen. He looks SO GROWN UP! It's making me sad b/c I am missing the whole thing. More pics of CoCo please, when you get the time of course!

The Jen said...

I am thankful that my sister-in-law has a counter on her website that tells her how far along she is because I am due on the same day and that's how i know how far along I am!

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