Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We brought Baxter into our home almost 3 years ago. He has been the best cat for us! We spoiled that cat like crazy! Completely treating him like our child. When Cohen was born, Baxter kinda got put on the back burner.... not on purpose, but Cohen obviously was our first priority. We didn't give him the attention that we had before Cohen joined our family. With the new baby coming soon, we thought maybe it was time to give him to a family that will give him the attention that we used to give him. Then with finding the house that we will be renting, they told us that we can't have a cat.

Last night I put an ad on KSL (kinda like craigslist), for Baxter, and instantly we got phone calls, and e-mails! I couldn't believe it! We were so afraid that it would take forever to find a good home for him. So tonight a really nice family came over, and played with him, And instantly fell in love with him. We felt really good about that family. Then they left to think about it, and another family came over. They wanted him too. We felt a little better about the first family, so we gave him to them. that's it... in less than 24 hours, of us deciding for sure to give him away... he was gone. :(

We will truly miss Baxter. He has been such a great kitty, besides the sudden attacks on me..... But it's been soooo cute to watch Cohen chasing him around the house, and drive cars along Baxter's back! WE LOVE YOU BAXTER!!!!

These pictures were taken while we were waiting for the family to come back to get him. I'm glad we got an hour or so to spend with him, so we could say goodbye. Cohen was being so cute with him. So we have some very sweet memories....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out with cars... in with Tractors!!!

Cohen has a new obsession. Where this obsession came from, we really don't know. But he is unbelievably obsessed with tractors and dump trucks! Anytime we drive by one, he freaks out, points, and does his "Cohen talk"! He started saying tractor yesterday too! Last night, he got to pick out a tractor to take home. Well it hasn't left his side. It took a bath with him, it did story time with him, and it went to bed with him. When I went to check on him last night, this is what I found...

Yes, the tractor was still in his hand. If you notice the pillowcase... I made that for him the other day after he freaked out at the fabric store, when I showed him the fabric! My cute little boy!

(Just a side note... I've been posting a lot of pictures of him sleeping lately... the reason is because I can't ever get a picture of him looking at me. So at least I can get one of him sleeping, not moving!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One year ago today!

I was going through all the pictures that I need to post, and found this collage that I made exactly one year ago. I CAN NOT believe how much Cohen has changed. It's sooo cute. But so sad, to think how fast he is growing up. This day was the first time Cohen ever went on a swing!
You are welcome!

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Okay, yes, a VERY good movie... but also the greatest weekend ever!!! Words can NOT express how excited I was when i got the text message of the picture of Courtney's engagement ring!! Instantly I knew, I HAD to be in California for her wedding! Courtney and I have been friends since we were 19, living in Provo as roommates. So, for 8 years, we have been the greatest friends! I love her dearly! So I was over the moon when she told me she was getting married! March 18th, I left for Sacramento, California... which by the way, was the longest time I had EVER left Cohen.... :( But it was for a good thing.

I got there Thursday afternoon, and we got the festivities started!

I met Blake, the day before the wedding. I could have not picked a more perfect guy for Courtney! They are so unbelievably cute together! When he was in the room, no one else existed (in a good way!)!!!! I am just so thrilled for them! The sealing was perfect, and I am soooo thankful I was able to be there for that.

Courtney looked absolutely breathtaking. Her dress was sooooo adorable, everything just was perfect. Well i guess i should say it became perfect! The morning of her wedding, Courtney left at about 8:30 to get her hair done. Courtney's sister Brooke, Beth (bridesmaid), Rachael (friend), myself, and the rest of Court's family were all at home getting ready. Courtney had a very hard time finding the place, but when she finally found it, they had lost her appointment! So she ran somewhere else. But they told her that no one there was really experienced with up-do's! So she had no choice, but to have them do it. Well I'm downstairs getting ready, and like a herd of animals, all the girls are running down the stairs, yelling for me! I run out of the bathroom, and they tell me to grab all my stuff, that we need to go fix courtney!! All we knew, is that Courtney called crying, saying how awful her hair is. So we all jump in the car (Beth, Brooke, Rachael, and myself) and drive up to Folsom (where the temple is). LONG story short, we finally got to her hair AFTER the sealing, in the bride's room. Rachael was doing her hair, Beth was touching up her makeup, and I was laying on the floor painting her toenails! Pretty awesome. All in all, everything turned out great!!

I wish Courtney and Blake the best of the BEST wishes!

I love you so much Court! I'm so proud of you,

and SOOOOO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I've been a little lazy in the posting department.... Here are pictures from the trip to Vegas! The end of January, I went with my Aunt Jan, and two cousin's Ashley and Angie. We left friday morning, and came home sunday night! It was sooooooo much fun! It was a MUCH needed trip! I LOVE Vegas! I think it's sooooo much fun!

All you need is L.O.V.E!!!

Finally!!! I got to see the Bellagio fountain in action!! It was truly breathtaking.

Inside the Venetian.

Sunday morning, before we left, Ashley and I went to the Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden at the Mirage. We didn't really know what to expect before we went in, but we LOVED it! The dolphins were so stinkin cute, and so were the baby tigers! I'm really glad we decided to go.

It was a great trip, minus the LOONNNNGGGG trip down, due to Ashley's car sickness! :) Although, very memorable! Ohhhhh... I forgot one other thing that we did! We were totally paparazzi while we were there! Kim Kardashian was there promoting her perfume. Ashley, i guess, is totally in love with her! So we stood outside Sephora, and took pictures of her for like an hour! Even though I'm not a fan... it was still really fun.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Imperfections are life's little perfections...

I sewed a blanket for Cohen before he was born. It was really my first sewing project since my high school's textiles class! My friend helped me with it, and we did it in one night. I love that blanket. But if you look closely at it, it's horrible!! Half the squares don't match up, and the binding is sewn on crooked, and now there are pieces coming apart! My mom asked me, "do you think Cohen even cares?!" And of course he doesn't. And actually the parts that are falling apart, are his favorite places to hold on to it. When he was a wee little thing, he would always reach for the yarn pieces and play with them until he fell asleep. And now, whenever he snuggles with the blanket, he will search with his tiny little hand, all over the blanket, until he finds the rip in the binding. He wraps that piece around his cute little fingers. And a few inches from that tear, is a piece of fabric coming undone creating a hole. He will stick his whole hand in that hole, and play with the batting! It is the sweetest thing. I have thought many MANY times that I should re-do the binding so it doesn't look so bad, but what on earth would Cohen do when he goes to feel for the tear, and it isn't there??!?
So for now, it will stay....