Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day in the snow this year

Cohen got my cold that I had, so he has been stuck inside for quite a few days now! :( Well we got a lot of snow yesterday, so today, I was hoping he was just well enough to go outside and play in the snow!! After his nap today, we got all bundled up, and headed out! Oh it was so much fun! And he LOVED it! Actually, that's an understatement... since he threw a MASSIVE fit, when we went inside!

He looked sooooo sinkin cute in his snow bibs! I really think he knew what we were doing when we got him dressed, cause he was sooo happy!

At first, he wouldn't move in the spot he was in. I don't know if he was afraid to walk in it... but he just stood still. So finally we took his hand, and showed him how to plow through! :)

He loved it when we would throw the snow up in the air! He giggled when it would land on his face!!

I have no idea who made this snowman, but Cohen sure thought it was cool! He looks sooo tiny next to it.

We finally just took him back to our cul-de-sac... it was a little easier for him to walk around.

This is my favorite picture we took today...

Oh it was just so much fun! It was a great way to end out the year!

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Years! And all the above!! WOW I can't believe it's already the new year! Where did December go???? :( Christmas came WAY to fast. I feel like I didn't get to do some of the things I wanted to do this month. Oh well.... I guess there's always next year. We had a wonderful Christmas. It was so much fun with Cohen. Even though he was scared to open his presents. He would pick them up and hand them to us, like he knew there was something in there... but when we would start to rip it, he would back up! Then he would get mad, if we weren't getting into it faster! Pretty funny! So hopefully by next year, he will understand the whole "unwrapping" part! :)

Here's our tree... a lovely tree from Salem, Oregon. Did us good this year!

Cohen opening his Christmas P.J.s on Christmas Eve.

Reading Christmas at the Little Zoo. Definitely not the same when my Mom isn't reading it!

After Santa Came... Christmas morning!

Cohen didn't really know what to do with everything! he would just go from one thing to the next. Ahhhh what a little cutie.

His Trike!! He loves this thing! And he's just content pushing the buttons, then having to ride it! He loves dancing to the music that it plays!
I was lucky enough to get sick Christmas Eve... and I didn't get rid of it until Sunday! Soooo lame. Christmas day, after we did our stuff, We went up to Jeff's parents house and spent the day, and then the night with all his family. We had a giant sleepover! It was really fun. It was a very nice, and relaxing Christmas!
I hope you all had a nice Christmas, and now are looking forward to a GREAT New Year!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cohen's 1st Haircut!

Well I guess the time had to come... We had to say goodbye to the curls some time...

Cohen had his first haircut last week! Dec. 10th, thursday night, we took him to Cookie Cutters. This is the most magnificent place I've ever seen! They had tv's and dvd players at all their stations. And the chairs were cars, or airplanes, and they had a jungle gym in their lobby! Wow, it was the perfect place for Cohen!

We will definitely be taking him back there again!!

No more curls :(
What a handsome little man! :)

Cohen's snow day!

A couple weeks ago, we had a WONDERFUL, snowy day!! I had heard the night before that it was supposed to snow the next day, so I was sooooo excited when I woke up to like 3 inches of snow! It was soooo pretty! So we got Cohen all bundled in his new snow gear, and I got all bundled up, and we headed out! Jeff was actually home sick that day... so he came out long enough to take some pictures, and then went inside, and surpised us with hot cocoa when we came in!
Cohen had a BLAST!! We thought he would last maybe five minutes in the snow. But man, he just was sooo happy stomping through the snow! There were some kids building a fort in the cul-de-sac, and Cohen had a blast watching them! Riley, a little neighbor girl, started throwing snow in the air, and Cohen thought it was the funniest thing! It was just so cute watching him out there. I can't wait for another snow day!

Thanksgiving in Oregon

okay, you WILL NOT believe this... we were in Portland for 8 days, and I took TWO pictures. It actually makes me want to throw up. And I almost don't even want to post this, cause It's just the most awful thing. So you will just have to imagine the things that I say in this post, in your own mind. And if you were there with us... that's better, cause you actually saw what I'm talking about!

So we left Saturday morning, the 21st for Oregon. Oh boy were we excited! We spent the first evening just hanging out, and watching Cohen get familiar with my family again. Oh, and Oregon was playing too... Doesn't hurt for Jeff to get there in time to watch the game with my brothers and Dad!

Sunday wasn't that great of a day, cause half way through Sacrament meeting, Cohen started cuddling with my mom. You are probably wondering why that's a bad thing... but Cohen doesn't snuggle voluntarily... it means one thing.... He is sick. So yes, Cohen got a fever, and it was horrible. It was probably more horrible for me, just cause I wanted so badly to make him feel better. But on the happy side, he was soooo snugly the rest of the day, it was great! It was really nice to spend sunday dinner with my family.

Tuesday, Jeff, Cohen and I met up with our friends Tim, Brittany, and their daughter macy for lunch at the Olive Garden! It was so fun to see them, and have Cohen and Macy interact together. Macy is 4 months younger than Cohen.

I want to thank Britt for taking these pictures! My camera batteries were dead.... Okay, aren't these such cute little kids! And that doesn't even look like Cohen! He looks so old in it! People were ooohing and ahhhing over these two while they were walking in and out! Soooo cute!!

Wedneday, Luke, Jenny, Gwen and jefferson finally came!! They had spent the first half of the week with jenny's family. So it was sooo fun seeing them, and having Cohen play with his Cousins! Wednesday night all the guys went to the Blazer game, so Allie, Jenny, my mom and I hung out, and got ready for Thanksgiving!

Now for Thanksgiving... WoWzers! We had 24 people at dinner! The Hibler family joined us, and with all their significant others, we had a house full! It was so fun though. That's what Thanksgiving is all about! The food was absolutetly amazing thanks to my mom! The centerpiece on the table, was stunning, thanks to my dad! :) Everything turned out great! The evening ended with a nice family game of Loaded questions!

Friday... the weekend I have been looking forward to all year.... GIRL'S WEEKEND!!!! Every year, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving, my sisters and Mom, have a girl's weekend! Full of shopping, eating junk, and staying up late! We have been doing this... Mom, you'll have to correct me, for about, actually I have no idea... it has to be over ten years! But this year was the first time Jenny was able to come with us, and yes, Gwen got to attend too!! We went out to dinner, and then shopped until 11 pm! Gwen was such a trooper! She was sooo cute, and it was so fun having a little girl with us! We all stayed the night at Allie's apartment. The next morning, we lounged around, had a yummy breakfast thanks to my mother... and then shopped a little more. It was indeed a successful girl's weekend! Here's to next year!

Saturday night we spent celebrating my Dad's Birthday. Since it was just a few days later, we celebrated while we were all in town, which of course was awesome! We had Buster's BBQ, my dad opened presents, and then we just hung out.

Sunday we left back to Utah. :(

It was such a fun week! It was so fun to have the whole family together, and to celebrate a wonderful holiday! I had such a blast just hanging out with everyone, and I know Jeff did too. It was so fun listening to all the boys watching all the games together, and them "bonding"! I have the most wonderful family in the world. And I miss them all the time. So i am so thankful we were able to go home for so long!

alright, here are the ONLY TWO PICTURES I took while in Oregon.... I'm glad they were at least precious pictures, and not two pictures I took of a flower, or a cupboard. At least they were of a sweet mother/aunt snuggling and reading to two cute little boys in matching pjs, thanks to Grandma Lish!

Anniversary in Vegas!

Alright, alright... it's been a little while since I've posted last. But I'm here now... so enjoy!

For our four year wedding anniversary, Jeff and I headed south to Vegas! We spent Friday in St. George, all day saturday in Vegas, and then came home Sunday. Cohen was with Jeff's parents, which I have to say was probably the best gift of all!! It was so nice to not have "responsibilities"! Jeff and I came down with colds on the way down there... so that was fun! Friday evening we went and saw A Christmas Carol! That movie is GOOD! We really liked it.

okay so onto Saturday... We got to Vegas at around 11 am just in time for lunch at In-N-Out! We then spent the next 10 hours walking, walking and did I mention walking??? Holy cow, we crammed a lot of Vegas in! It was so fun though... we got to see sooo much cool stuff. I have been to Vegas two other times, but this was the first time I have actually experienced Vegas!

Do they really need their faces THAT big?!? Geez, just about scared me half to death when i first saw this on the side of the Flamingo hotel!

Okay, I have to mention this. You know the fountains at the Bellagio hotel? Yes, you do... the ones at the end of Ocean's 11... the biggggg ones. Welllll I have never seen them before! So while we were going in and out of Hotels, I was getting suggestions from my parents on what to see, and what not to see. My dad said that of course we "HAVE to see the fountains at the Bellagio hotel, but DON'T waste your time during the day, wait until night time!" So while we were at the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris hotel, we heard some chimes. We looked at our watch, and knew that it was time for the fountain to start! We got so excited that we were going to be up there to see it! Then we hear a announcement, that due to high winds, they would not be showing the fountain show! So the third time to Vegas, and I have YET to see the Fountain!! :( But don't worry, I saw a GIGANTIC Donny & Marie!!

Here are pics from the day... We had the most magnificent dinner ever at the Paris Hotel buffet! Oh my word, I had crab legs coming out of my ears!!!! It was sooo nice, and sooo yummy!

This picture was taken right before we left, in Cesar's Palace! Oh my gosh, we weren't even faking our faces... we were sooooooo tired. Actually... like the last hour or so before we left, Jeff kept complaining about his feet hurting and that he thought he had blisters. Well I didn't give him much sympathy, since helloo.... I'm pregnant, and I wasn't complaining at all! When we got home (back to St. George), he took off his shoes, and he had the BIGGEST blisters I have ever seen, on BOTH his feet!!! I felt so bad!

Okay, my favorite things about Vegas: The New York New York(I seriously think they were the only hotel that served Pepsi product!!), the Paris Hotel, The beautiful Venetian.... And The Wynn. Although I honestly felt like the dirtiest, poorest person walking through the Wynn. It was filled with the most HIGH END stores I have only heard about from TV! They even had a designer CELL PHONE STORE! yes, they were covered with diamonds and gold!

It was a fantastic trip, and I can't wait to go back! Believe it or not, we didn't gamble at all. Not even a quarter! We didn't even think about it! Kind of nice!

I'm so thankful for Jeff, and for our marriage! It's been a whirlwind first four years... and I love how our "love" is now growing into our own little family! It's been exciting and I can't wait for the years to come!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What does a cow say???

Cohen is such a talker! There are things he says well, and things he mimicks from Jeff and I. He is such a little chatter box! It's soooo funny listening to him. Some mom's think he says certain words... but it just doesn't sound like it to me... so here are the things he says, that I know for sure!

  • mama
  • dada
  • deeeeg (dog)
  • mow (meow)
  • moooo
  • hi
  • uh uh uhhhh (while shaking his head no!)
  • yeah (he says it really high pitched (not sure if that's what he thinks it means, but he uses it at the correct times :) )
  • no
  • whenever he sees a bird, or a duck or a balloon, he always gets really excited and says the same thing, but it's not a word, or at least to me!
  • keeey (kitty)
  • mmmmm (while he's eating, if he likes it, he says it! I totally taught him that one!)

That's all I can think of now. But he just started saying mooo after I ask him what a cow says. Usually I would ask him what a cow says, he would look at me, I would moo, and then he would moo! I'm working on what a kitty says. Since he can 'meow', I need to put it together! I think it helps that he sees a kitty all day every day!

Oh my gosh, speaking of kitty. FUNNIEST thing!! I NEED to get a video of it. Whenever Baxter is up high, like on the arm of the couch, Cohen will go over and start reaching for him. Well then Baxters tail will sway back and forth and rub in Cohen's face, and Cohen just starts laughing! And just stands there while Baxter's tail hits him in the face!! It's sooooo funny! ok, maybe this isn't funny without a video. I'll work on getting one by next week!

Jeff and I are leaving tomorrow for St. George! This is our weekend get away for our anniversary that was last week! I'm really excited for this trip. Cohen is going to Grandma Gail's... which means, I get to sleep in! We are staying in Jeff's parent's vacation house down there. And then on Saturday we are going to VEGAS! woohooo! I'm really excited! And then we're coming home on sunday. Of course I will post pictures next week. This is the first 'trip' without Cohen. I don't really feel sad, or worried, I feel more guilty! Like, "we're leaving you here, so we can go have fun!" It's kinda sad..... But i know he's in excellent hands with my Mother-in-law!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween... continued.....

Oh wow, I am horrible! I didn't even mention Cohen's costume... AT ALL!!!! So a month or so before Halloween came around, Jeff and i were trying to figure out what we should have Cohen be. No offense to all the moms out there that put their kids into lady bugs, or puppy dogs, or bunnies...... I just wanted Cohen to be in something not so "babyish", ya know? He's definitely too old for those, but too young for Thomas the train, or ninjas, or whatever else... So like three weeks before, I posted a comment on Facebook, how I had no idea what to do for Cohen for Halloween! My wonderful sister, Allison commented, saying, "didn't you get my text?? I found the most perfect costume, and i'm mailing it tomorrow!!" Man, she's so great.

I didn't want her to tell me what it was, cause I wanted to be surprised. When the package came, I was so excited. When I opened it, my jaw dropped, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!! A miniature golf outfit!!!!!!!! HOLY POO IT WAS PERFECT!!! As soon as Cohen woke up from his nap, I immediately put him in it! Oh I was laughing so hard!

So THANK YOU Auntie Allie for the BEST costume ever!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo much fun to have him in such a perfect costume!

Cohen's "first" halloween!

Ummm..... HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I can brag, cause one, this is MY blog, two... he's my son, and three.... DUH, look at him!!!! :)

Wow, I had my expectations for how I was expecting Halloween to be this year, and WOW, it didn't go ANYTHING like I expected!! however, the evening did end with these great pictures, So i guess, it was a success.....

I guess I should explain... Saturday morning, Jeff and I decided to drive up to Park city to the outlet mall. Well, we left a lot later than we had expected, so i was hoping Cohen would just take a little snooze in the car. Trust me, Jeff and I are regretting that one, BIG TIME. We have NEVER, N.E.V.E.R skipped Cohen's nap before. And we will NEVER, N.E.V.E.R, E.V.E.R DO IT AGAIN!!!!! woooooowwwwwzers! I won't even go into detail.... just use your imagination............ :)

So when we finally got home, it was definitely too late to lay him down for a nap, cause it was time to get him ready for trick-or-treating! Well, since Jeff and I haven't gone trick or treating in years, we had NO idea what time people usually start going. We were just planning on going around our cul-de-sac, and then up to Jeff's aunt's house that lives around the corner, and then up to Jeff's sisters house for dinner. Well we got ONE trick or treater..... It was really sad. And Cohen wanted outside so bad. He just would wander around. And if I'd bring him back into the house, he would LITERALLY run like five feet, THROW himself onto the floor, and THRASH AROUND screaming and crying. I have NEVER witnessed anything like that before!!! I was soooo tempted to take a picture, or a video of this event, but then i was thinking, I don't really want to re-live that! Wow....

Cohen wasn't interested in trick-or-treating at all. He just wanted to walk around. He just threw one fit at a time..................

Okay, enough complaining.... I shouldn't be, knowing how fetching cute he is! I have DEFINITELY learned my lesson! And I know he's still a little too young to really understand this holiday.... maybe next year I'll have some better stories!

HA HA HA!!!! So Jeff and I aren't really fans of Halloween.... We were invited to a Halloween party, so obviously we had to come up with something. I'm sorry, but like all the costumes at the party stores, are so lame, and so expensive. We could not justify spending fifty bucks on some costume we would wear once. So then we were trying to come up with something from our closet. Well the night before the party, I was taking a shower.... and the photos above are what I came up with in my head!! We were the all time biggest nerds. PERFECT!!! yes, that is the most Awesome New Kids on the Block sweater you have ever seen, yes those are maternity capri's I am wearing OVER my sweater... yes, Jeff is just ever so handsome!
Totally paid off though, cause we won "MOST DISGUSTING COSTUME" at the party!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! :)

First trip to the Hogle Zoo

Last week, Jeff and I took Cohen to the Zoo! I kind of regret it now, cause the whole morning we were there, he was in SUCH a bad mood!!! We couldn't keep him in the stroller, and if we got him out, he didn't want to be held... he just wanted to wander around! I'm sorry but I didn't pay money for him to just walk around on the sidewalk!!! :)
It was pretty fun though, cause the zoo had so many newborn babies!! It was so fun! Baby tigers, a baby giraffe, the cutest little baby elephant, and some others.... The elephant was probably my favorite animal there!! Ahhhh... There's a video down below of just how cute he was! I really wish we lived closer to the Zoo, so we could get a year pass.... but it's way to far to go often. :( This was the first day he wore these shoes... and I hope my family will help me, cause we can NOT remember who gave these to us! I could have sworn, we bought them, but Jeff says it was one of his aunties..... Sisters, a little help????? Either way, they are sooooo stinkin cute on him! It was sad when we had to retire his converse. :(
And I just love this picture, him on his tippy toes!!!

This is my favorite picture of the day. Father and son enjoying the elephants! So cute!

And here's the video of the baby elephant! Soooo cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The best $4.00 we've ever spent!

Cohen LOVES cars, trucks, anything with wheels! He L.O.V.E.S them. Going through our toys, we really didn't have too many. So Last night Jeff and I took Cohen to the dollar store, and we picked out four cars/trucks. We got home, opened them up, and they have been glued to his hands ever since!! It has been a little over 24 hours, and I have not seen him without them! Actually......... I wouldn't let him take them in the tub... :(
Last night at bed time, I tried to put them away before we started reading books. yeah, that didn't go over too well. So while I read stories, he had a car in each hand! Then when I put him in his crib, I took them away again. I gave in, once again. I didn't think it would be that bad if he had them in bed with him. Well, Jeff and I were downstairs, and had the monitor on.... an hour after I put him down, we could hear him still awake!! So I went in his room, and when the light hit his face, you could tell he was SOOOO tired. He could hardly open his eyes... but there he was playing with his cars!!! Just pushing them around in his crib!!! Oh my gosh, I am laughing just thinking about it!! :) So, yes I had to take his cars away. He then lied down, and went to sleep!

Definitely the BEST $4.00 we've ever spent!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

...Pumpkin Patch...

Thursday night we decided to take our little family to the pumpkin patch! It was sooo much fun! I jumped online, and found Mabey's patch, it was such a cute little farm! It was quite the find! They even served free doughnuts and apple juice! :) I think that was Cohen's favorite part. We thought Cohen would just run wild out in the field... but he kinda wouldn't leave our side! We still had fun, and we all three got very perfect pumpkins!

Stay tuned for the results, after we carve them!! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In -N- out ..... how should I be feeling?

So since the first time I ever had In-N-Out, with my little sis, Allie, in San Francisco, on Fisherman's wharf about 6 years ago.. I have been unbelievably, happily, HOOKED! In fact, I don't think I've ever met someone that has not liked this magic burger. I have lost count, how many times I have visited this wonderful joint. Is it because when you are there, it means you are in the warm lovely state that is California, or even Nevada? is it because the fries are just perfectly fried, or the burgers are so fresh and delicious, or the shakes are just perfectly shaken? hmmm...

Well in just a couple more months, there will be an In -n- Out, opening about ten minutes from me, in Utah. I pass by, and see the progress, and i get mixed feelings every time. There are also three more due to open within the next 6 months around here too. You are probably asking yourself... "ummm why is this lady not extremely excited about this?!?" Well let me explain....

It starts back to when I was in high school. For my senior gift from my parents, my dad, and a family friend, took me to San Francisco!! The whole trip, my dad would not stop talking about Krispy Kreme doughnuts. He said we HAD to try them while we were there. While we were at the Giants baseball game, my dad found a box, and brought them to us. When I opened the box, I will admit I was kinda disappointed!! For years I had heard about this "KRISPY KREME" that was soooo delicious. but it was just a glazed doughnut! ha ha!! yes, it was delicious, and it DID melt in my mouth. When I moved to utah the following winter, I was so excited that I would be so close to a Krispy Kreme. We did not have them in the Northwest, so my family would be so excited every time I would come home to visit, cause I would bring home ten boxes!! After I moved home, my sisters and I took a trip up to Seattle to visit Ikea, and then hit the Krispy Kreme... since they had finally built one in the great Northwest! It was by no means, on our way.... but it was SOOO worth it. Long story short... they came up EVERYWHERE.... literally... EVERYWHERE!!! So now, they are no big deal... in fact, I don't remember the last time I even had one.

MY POINT: In -N- Out is such a wonderful place. Does Utah really deserve to have this here? When you think of In-n-Out, don't you think of palm trees, warm weather, the beach, vacation???? Not the state that is known for SNOW! Also... I'm afraid that this situation will happen:

me: so where should we go for dinner tonight???
jeff: how about In-N-Out?
me: nah... we had it three days ago.

Okay, I'm totally going off about this, but I've been thinking about this, since the first day I drove by the most magnificent sign reading: "In-N-Out coming soon!"

all in all... In -N- Out is coming!!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

diaper genie, or diaper devil??!??

okay people... I need your help. If you have a dirty diaper keeping device, will you please give me your opinion???? I currently have a diaper genie, the first one, the original. I have had it since Cohen was born. However, I HATE it. It wreaks SOOOOO bad. I never could smell it when he was younger... maybe his diapers are stinkier now.??.. or maybe the diaper genie just sucks. Either way, I neeeeeeeeed a different system. They have so many out there now, that I just don't know what to think. I would SERIOUSLY appreciate your opinion on this. Do a mom a favor!
Thank you!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

garbage shoes...

So Cohen's new favorite thing is throwing his toys into the garbage can. My favorite thing about it, is I don't ever know that he does it, until I go to throw something away, and alas, there are his toys! The first time I ever saw it, i laughed so hard, cause there were like 10 different things in there!! His farm animals, his race cars, his shoes, the bag clips that are from 'his' kitchen drawer.... Oh it's so funny! And I finally caught him on camera doing it! It's pretty lengthy, cause I kept thinking he was going to do more... so it's just him being his cute little self! Enjoy!

My cousin is gonna be a mamma!!!

So for months... seriously, months, I have been planning a baby shower for my cousin, Bryn. I have been sooooo excited for it. Then starting at 5 am the morning of, I am sick out of my mind!!! Not kidding. Oh I was just sooooo mad! I won't go into details, but I was definitely sick!! So I call my Aunt, and tell her what is going on. She calls her daughter, Ashley, to get to my house as soon as possible! So cute little Ashley comes to my rescue! Jeff took Cohen to the party store to get balloons for me, and Ashley starts cleaning my kitchen! As I'm yelling at her not to clean my kitchen, She's yelling at me to shut up and go back to bed!! :) So I pull up a pillow on the floor next to the kitchen, and I lay there telling her where things are, what needs to be done! It was just awful. I felt so bad, that I had worked so hard getting it ready, and then I couldn't even do anything for the shower!!

But it turned out GREAT!!! Aunt Jan, and Ashley helped out so much. And I, for SURE, could not have done it without them! It was so much fun seeing my cousin's I hadn't seen for a while. I hope Bryn had a good time!

Congratulations Bryn!!! I'm soooooo excited for you!!!! :)

Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico...

I was going through my pictures today, and realized I never posted these pictures! On our way home from New Mexico, we took a detour to the four corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico! It was kinda cool! They had little indian huts selling stuff all around, which was fun to walk around and look at. And they were selling fresh fried bread. It was sooooo delicious! They also had navajo tacos, which I'm sure would have been yummmy... but we had just ate... too bad. It wasn't too far out of our way, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is driving south!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And baby makes four!

Well... I am pregnant! Yep, with my second child... SECOND!! I still can't wrap my head around that one! And it still doesn't seem real... in fact, as gross as this might sound, I have the pregancy tests sitting on my night stand... so it will remind me that it is in fact REAL!

Friday morning, I woke up before Jeff and Cohen... which never happens. I usually wake up to Cohen chattering... or Jeff putting cohen on me in bed! but for some reason, I was wide awake. And I had a feeling that I should take a pregnancy test. So after I did, I set it aside, and went and got Cohen. After like ten minutes, I went in and checked the test. There were two lines, but one was really really faint. I thought that there needed to be two very stong lines, for it to be positive! So i threw it away, and didn't think much of it. The weekend passed, and on monday, I just felt a strong urge to take another test. So after I got home from shopping, around 9 pm, I snuck into the bathroom. This time I read the instructions. It said that if there are two lines, no matter if it's faint or not, it's positive! So I dug through the trash, and found the one I had taken a few days back... I matched the old test with the picture, and sure enough, it was POSITIVE!! ha ha!! by this time, i was shaking. So I went ahead and took the test. Two VERY strong lines appeared! I went in the other room where Jeff was watching tv, and I told him I was pregnant! His first response (in that Jeff tone....) "whaaaat???" He didn't really believe me... or he was just shocked... I showed him the test, and he told me to go take another one!! I told him what had happened on Friday, but he still wanted me to go take another one! So for an hour, I waited until i needed to pee again.... sure enough... POSITIVE! Finally we got to celebrate!

It's just so crazy to think that in 8 months, we're going to have a teeny tiny baby! And Cohen will be a big brother!!! I think that's my favorite part. I was talking to Tracey about it, and she was saying how cute it'll be, that Cohen will bring the baby his toys to share, or pat it's head, or just talk little baby talk to the baby. Ahhh... so cute. I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Albuquerque, New Meheeeko!!!!

It's about time!!!! Over Labor day weekend, we decided to head south to see Luke, Jenny, and their two freaking adorable kids, Gwen and Jefferson! It started Thursday afternoon. Jeff came home early from work at lunch, and we took off! The drive was actually not that bad. It took us about ten hours... and that was with an unscheduled stop to Dairy queen, which took FOREVER! But it was a very pretty drive, and I would totally do it again! Hopefully soon! :)
Cohen was sooooo good in the car! When he was awake, which was most of the drive, he spent his time watching disney movies, and baby Einstein dvds! What a cutie he was! we didn't get to Albuquerque until 11 pm... and our sweet little niece was up waiting for us!! So Cohen and her stayed up until midnight playing! And the adults were up until 2:30!

First day we were there, we went to the zoo! It was a lot of fun! The best parts were probably watching the kids ride around in the wagon together, and watching Cohen wander around on a crate while it sprayed him with water!!

So Luckily, I have a brother that is really good at photography! He took our family pictures while were there! We've been needing new ones really bad... He did an awesome job! Thanks Luke! We spent most of our time in Old Town... the downtown "old" part of Albuquerque. It's sooooo awesome there. Really pretty.

More pictures of the zoo.

okay, this might have been the best part of the weekend... We decided to have a kid swap day! Saturday morning, Jeff and I took Gwen and jeffer, and Luke and Jenny took Cohen for an hour or so. Oh my gosh it was so fun! Best idea I've had in a long time! First, we took them to the gas station, and they got to pick out any treat they wanted. They thought that was so fun! :) they were dancing in the little store! Jeff and I brought little plastic airplanes, and we went to a park and threw them off the jungle gym thing. Then we spent the rest of the time swinging, and sliding, and running around in the grass chasing the airplanes as Jeff threw them!
Jenny and Luke also took Cohen to a park! Luke took sooooo many pictures of Cohen! It was just a very fun morning! And I will cherish that time that we got to spend with them, forever!
Afterwards, we all met at Rudy's!! DELICIOUS BBQ!!! Oh it was just yummy!!!!

more pictures in Old Town.... Cute Little Jefferson was standing next to me during most of the pictures... so finally he leaned in and gave me a smooch! TOO CUTE!

Top right... Jefferson was trying soooooooooooooooo hard (not even enough 'o's to describe this!) to give Cohen a hug!!! Oh it was just precious.... Luke took like 10 pictures of it... Cohen wouldn't really have any of it. I'm sure if he actually knew what Jeffer was trying to do, he would have done it. But Cohen only knew that Jefferson liked to push him over! :)

Top right pictures... I think it was sunday morning... I was so tired, and didn't want to get out of bed... so i made Jeff get up with Cohen. Well jenny was up with her kids, so she told Jeff to go back to bed and she would watch Cohen. Well after we got up, she showed me those pictures!!! :) Luke, and all three little cousins were in bed watching Thomas the Train, and sharing cheerios! Ack, could it get any cuter!??!?
The other pictures were taken at the U of NM campus. It's a BEAUTIFUL campus! Sadly enough, within the first ten minutes of us being there, Jefferson and shortly after him, Gwen fell into the duck pond!! It's funny now to think about... but it was kinda scary at first. But everyone is safe! :)
Top left, cute little uncle and niece time!! This was before church. Just precious little moments like that, was just the best! Then the other pictures were taken sunday night in Old Town. Oh, and the bottom left picture, was after Gwen got out of the bath after she fell in the duck pond!

So here's Cohen walking... for those who have not yet seen it yet!! This was at the zoo. The green crate looking thing on the ground, sprayed water sporadically, a few times, hitting Cohen. I couldn't get that on camera though... :( But it's still cute.
I am SOOOOO glad we were able to go visit them. It was such a blast. And we have memories that will last forever! I love Gwen and jefferson, and I am so glad we were able to have Cohen spend time with them! They are such cute, smart, sweet little kids! And it was EXTREMELY fun staying up late with Luke and Jenny, playing games, dancing, talking, watching videos on youtube, and eating lots of junk food!
Great trip.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday in SLC

Last saturday, Jeff and I decided to go up to Temple Square in Salt Lake! It was a lot of fun! We walked around, took lots of pictures, and just sat in the grass enjoying each others company. We were trying so hard to get Cohen walking on video... but it didn't really work. He is much smarter than us! :) It ended up being like 104 degrees, so we had to leave earlier than we wanted.

It was very fun... Jeff and I haven't been to temple square for a long time... so it was very nice.