Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good deeds do NOT go unnoticed!!

Tonight Cohen and I went to Haggen for some grocery shopping. When we were leaving the store, the rain had become a down pour! So I take off with the cart, and run for the car! I pull the cart up to the car, Grab Cohen, and try to put him in his car seat. I look over and my cart is running off with my groceries. So I'm trying to grab my cart, but Cohen is still not strapped in.... All while it is POURING. Just then, a gentleman walks up and grabs my cart and asks if I would like some help!! I"m not kidding! It was sooo nice! He put all my groceries in the back for me, and then he took the cart and put it back! I just thought that was so nice. And I had to post about it. Just in case maybe someone will read this, and tell him. Even though I don't know his name! :) So good luck!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Continued....

So Happy Valentine's Day! The day was very fun for us. I started the day by receiving a bouqet of flowers from Jeff friday night when he got home from work. Then Saturday we spent the whole day together as a little family! Jeff made breakfast for us, and then we went shopping. We went to Ikea, and of course Target! No shopping trip is ever complete without going to Target! :) Then when we got home, Jeff left for alittle bit, and I put Cohen down for a nap. He was asleep when we got home, so I transferred him to his crib without waking him! Well I got busy, and ten minutes later I hear a loud shriek coming from Cohen's room! So i go peek my head in, and all I hear is him laughing so hard to himself!!! It was soooo cute! So i grab my camera, turn on the light, and this is what I found!!!! Oh it was so sweet! So I guess his nap was out of the question!! :)

So then off to Grandma and grandpa's house! Cohen spent the evening with them, while Jeff and I went out to dinner with my siblings and their significant others! We went to Benihana's. That place is sooo fun and sooo good! We had a lot of fun! And that was the first time we had all gotten together like that. So it was just a great evening.

Tracey and Conrad

Jeff and myself

Nate and Allison

Darcy and Nick

And of course, Allen!
These are just random pics from the evening... enjoying our yummy food!

The evening was so fun! I'm so glad we did that.

Okay, so earlier in the day, Cohen was just in such a stinkin good mood! This video is pretty much self explanitory... Cohen just being cute! And yes, that hairy monster is me! :) ENJOY!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

So we took Cohen to get his pictures taken for 6 mths/valentine's day... and this was the outcome!! He was soooooo cute! I couldn't believe how happy he was while the lady was taking his pictures!
(someone please help me with adding pictures on here. I don't understand when people make cute little boxes with pictures... or I don't know. Everytime I add pictures it turns out like this, and I end up deleting some when I try to move them around!! HELP!!!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I feel like throwing up....

I am having a really hard time right now. And I felt like I needed to get it out to feel better. I don't even know where to begin, or how to gather all my thoughts. I can't even stop crying.... Tonight I was watching Supernanny... one of my favorite shows.... Tonight's episode just went waaaaaaay too far. I watched a grown man verbally, emotionally and physically abuse his children. Especially the younger ones. In one scene, the camera caught the dad sleeping, and his youngest daughter (i think she was three or four) crying and slapping the dad to try and wake up. While laying there, he reached over and smacked the daughter in the face so hard that it knocked her to the ground. She screamed and ran out, and the dad continued to sleep. I wanted to jump through the tv and go to town on that guy. For the rest of the episode, and pretty much til now, I have been bawling my head off. What on earth gives someone the right to treat CHILDREN like this?!?!?! All I keep thinking is how innocent that little girl is, and how she just wanted her dad's attention. THAT'S IT.

I have actually been bothered by this recently.... It just seems like all over the news, there are stories about abused children, or a mother murdering her daughter, or children left out to die. WHY?!!? I'm sure I'm feeling a lot more passionate about this now that I'm a mother... but COME ON.... Children are just so innocent and pure, and HELPLESS. They DON'T KNOW BETTER. NO ONE Should be treated like this.

I have so many friends that are desperately trying to have babies. They would do anything and are trying everything to have kids. And it absolutely rips my heart out that they are having the problems they are having. And then there are people that have kids, and they don't want them ... or TREAT them like they don't want them.

Right before starting this, I jumped on the ABC website to see if people were writing in about that episode. And sure enough... But one post really shocked me. Some lady excused the father's behavior and said, "Frankly if i had 5 kids, I might be a bit angry myself." REALLY, Did she just say that?!?!?! How on earth is it the CHILDREN'S fault that you decided to have 5 kids?!?! Yeah, that's awesome... 'I have a lot of kids, therefore I'm overly stressed out, so I take it out on the kids!'

This is just a vicious cycle.... am I just supposed to sit back and think, "this is how the world is" and just go on my day? I don't even know what to say anymore. I've gone from sad, to just MAD.

I hope and pray that we will all love and CHERISH the children around us. I guess that's all we can do.

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!

To you from Cohen!! We love you so much and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!

Today is my baby brother's birthday. Yes, Taylor is now 18 YEARS OLD!! I can not believe it. It feels like just yesterday when he would fall, or get his feelings hurt, and out of a room full of people, he would come to me for love and snuggles! Oh wait... that was yesterday! ha ha.. .just kiddin Tay Tay! Anyways... I love you tons Tay, and I'm so glad that I've truly gotten to know what a cool kid you are! And you are such a great uncle!!

We Love you! We hope you have a great birthday!

Love, Jeff Jen & Cohen

Mormon Rap

I was looking through my pictures today, and I came across this video that I forgot that I had! This is Luke, Nick and Taylor... It's kinda hard to hear, so turn up your volume. ENJOY!!!