Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 Months Old!!!

So Cohen is 3 months old today. Wow. I just can't believe I'm a mom to this incredibly sweet little boy. I am so unbelievably thankful, and I feel so blessed. Honestly, i have no words to describe how lucky I feel. I love this boy so much. He makes me laugh about 95% of the day! And I love that about him. He's so sweet, and such a cuddler! :)

So these pictures are ones I took today. I'm still having a hard time getting him to smile for the camera... maybe one day I can teach him to pose like Lyndsi did with Natalie! but until then, here's my little cutie pie!

Chillin with Bax! After awhile, Baxter I think got annoyed, cause he got up and left!

He was starting to get a little annoyed with the camera... sorry buddy

I could just squeeze those cheeks alllll day! :)

So, I totally jinxed myself with how he sleeps. After that post about him sleeping, he slept 12 hours!!! I'm not kidding! It was last friday night... and I woke up several times to check on him. I just couldn't believe it. Well, that was him preparing me for what he's been doing lately.... EVER SINCE that night, he has been up every three hours... sometimes two hours. I DON'T GET IT!!!! Growth spurt... blah... I don't want to hear it. This has been almost four weeks now. Please mothers.... share your knowledge and tricks! Did I just get lucky for the first two months? Or is there some things during the day I should be doing? you can e-mail me if you'd like. I would love it. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just some cute pictures of my baby Cohen

Well... okay, just one. While searching through my pictures just now, I realized that I had deleted every single cute picture I recently took of my freakin cute baby. I just made a cd with tons of pictures on it and sent it to my mother-in-law......... well, I'm an idiot and erased them all. So until I get that cd back to restore all of my pictures....... this is what you get!!! oh my gosh... I can't believe I did that.
Anyway... this is a cute picture I took yesterday. Grandma Gail gave him that shirt, so we definitely had to put it to good use! Thanks Gail!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

sleeeeeeeeep my child!

okay, so since the very day we got back from New Mexico, which would make Cohen 8 weeks, he was sleeping 9-10 hours everynight, STRAIGHT. I thought I was the luckiest mom on earth... especially since I was going back to work, and I had to be at work at 6 am. But then like a week and half ago, he started waking up every 2-3 hours and feeding! I didn't know WHAT was going on. He just turned 12 weeks on tuesday, so a lot of people thought he was going through a growth spurt... I don't really care what the reason was... I was just tired. Well last night, he fell asleep at 8:30 and I didn't hear from him again until I left for work which was at 5:45am!!!!!! That's over 9 hours!!!!! In fact at 1 am I woke up, and I went to go check on him to make sure he was still alive. And then I checked him again when I woke up at 5! WOWZERS... I hope this is the starting of something beautiful! :) Just needed to share that today!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stop pricking my baby!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so last monday Cohen had his two month check up... (even though he was 11 weeks) for all of his shots. Well when we get there, his pediatrician informs me that his PKU test came back for the THIRD time, and they needed another blood sample. I was so mad! I just don't understand why they can't do it right the freakin first time! So how lovely... after they prick him to squeeze out blood from his precious foot, they had to give him three shots. The pediatrician felt so bad that she gave him a toy! That was pretty nice.... I guess it's the least they can do! :)

So onto the good news! He weighs 12 lbs 13 oz, and is 24 inches long!! He's in the 50th percentile. He's growing up so fast!

This was at Tracey's house on her birthday... we were playing a game on that blue lid thing, using Rollo's, and my dad decided it would be fun to do this! It was pretty cute! bestest friend...


1. What is his name? Jeffery Thomas Long
2. Who eats more? probably Jeff.... except when I was pregnant! :)
3. Who said I love you first? I did
4. Who is taller? Jeff's a couple inches taller than me
5. Who is smarter? we are about the same...
6. Who is more sensitive? oh, definitely me!
7.Who does the laundry? I do, unless Jeff is desperate for something.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed-Jeff
9. Who pays the bills? I do
10. Who cooks more? me
11. What meals do you cook together? probably breakfast stuff, and bbq
12. Who is more stubborn? about the same
13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong?Jeff... mostly cause I make him say he's wrong, and then I"ll admit it after! :)
14. Who has more siblings? me I have 5 siblings, and Jeff has 3
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? ha ha... I would say me, but then Jeff would put me in my place... so he would.
16. What do you like to do together? Play with Cohen, go downtown, play games, watch movies
17. Who eats more sweets? it's about the same
18. Guilty pleasures? pop, watching shows like 'The pick up artist' and 'Beauty and the Geek'!!
19. How did you meet? We lived in the same apartment complex, and his apartment of guys and my apartment of girls would get together every sunday night to play games
20. Who asked who out first? He asked me out (through a text message...)
21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me first!
22. Who proposed? He did.... and it was perfect.
23. His best features? His eyes, and hair
24. What is his greatest quality? He is so sweet, and even though I always think he's not listening when I"m talking... he always knows the most important things I say. He is such a cute dad to Cohen. He is so goofy, and always wants to have fun.... (except when a game is on....) I love you Jeff! You are my best friend, and I can't imagine my life without you!!
25. Tag? Everyone that wants to tells us about your husband, or significant other!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Wait a minute!!!"

Okay, for those of you who miss Gwen, and want to see how she acts on a regular basis... HERE SHE IS! This was us just hanging out, while Gwen did her thing. This video is really long... but I wanted it to be like if you were there with us... ENJOY!

Albakurkee HOLLA!!!

Okay, FINALLY I have decided to just write about our exciting trip to Albuquerque!! Honestly, I have been putting it off because I knew it would take me forever to write about it, and to post all of our pictures... and quite frankly, it was a little overwhelming!!! So I decided to jump on here and post pictures first, while Cohen's sleeping! One thing I don't like about this blog thing is the way to post pictures. It's just not an easy thing to do... or am I not doing it right??? Let me know if you have tips. So in order for me to quickly post this, I just started uploading pictures, and I will add captions and stories as I see fit. So I'm sorry, but this will probably be the sloppiest post you'll ever come across! But again, I wish I had three hours to sit here and beautify this post....
So, for those who don't know... My brother and his wife, Jenny and their amazingly adorable kids, Gwen and Jefferson, live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And with their help I was able to take Cohen there, for them to meet their nephew and cousin! It was actually my last week on maternity leave... but what a way to spend it!!! It was so much fun... actually that statement is an understatement! And it is hard to describe how great it was. Hopefully these pictures will explain it better than words! It was just so wonderful spending time with Gwen and Jeffer, and also Luke and Jenny. And it was really fun traveling with Cohen. I'm really sad that Jeff wasn't able to come with us though....
Okay, so sorry these pictures aren't in any particular order... I hope you enjoy them!!!
Sweet Gwen playing with Cohen

Cohen all ready for church!

Gwen was being so stinkin cute here.... Maybe it was cause Jefferson was in bed, so she got all of our attention!

We dared her to put her hands up...

Aunt Jenny, totally being an aunt

So Luke, took us downtown Albuquerque while Jenny was at work. Yes, there was a sweet band playing... it was just what I pictured New Mexico to be like! So I took Gwen to the front and danced! It was so silly! She definitely stood out with her bleach blonde hair!

cute little family photo! Actually, I was looking at this picture on my camera, and did a close up on Jefferson.... he looks EXACTLY like what nick did when he was little!!! I couldn't believe it. So Sorry you can't really tell here... just know he looks a little like his uncle Nick! :)

okay, this night was let's just say..... eventful!! The world's longest tram is located there, so Luke decided to take us there, again while Jenny was at work. We tried to make it by sunset, but timing with kids is a little hard! By the time we got on there, it was pretty much dark. It was still really pretty though. about five minutes into the ride, Jefferson started fussing big time, cause he was hungry. Well Luke then realized that he left his bottle in the car. The tram ride is about 15-20 minutes (each way) and it's about a 20 minute wait for the next tram once you're up at the top!!! So here we are crammed in this tiny tram thing, with Jefferson screaming, and Gwen wants to be held..... of course! So as soon as we got to the top, we tried to turn around and get right back on, but it was full. LOVELY. So we wait about twenty minutes for the next one. So while we're waiting in line, many people are commenting on his fussiness. Everyone thought Luke and I were married........ :/ yeah, that's always fun.... by the time we arrived to land, Cohen decided he was hungry. Not a big deal, cause I knew that Luke was going to feed Jefferson before we drove home, so I could nurse Cohen. Well Jeffer wouldn't take a bottle. So we drove home with two extremely hungry boys, and one fussy girl... Which at one point I asked her why she was so upset, and she said she didn't know. :) ha ha!

Here's jenny with her kids at the grocery store. The kids didn't really want to pose...

Gwen LOVED taking care of Cohen!

It started sprinkling for like a second... so Gwen got her umbrella out. She was pretty excited.

Okay, here are the boys in their matching outfits that Grandma Lish got them! They were so stinkin cute together. I'm sure you've all the seen the lovely video I posted a while ago! I think Jefferson desperately wished Cohen was big enough to play with him!

I think this was the first night we were there. Cohen was sleeping about 7 - 8 hours a night before we were in New Mexico. But the whole time we were there, he was up every 3 hours... and he was impossible to put to sleep!!! Of course that would happen when I don't have my husband with me! :) Jenny LOVED rocking him to sleep though. oh, and by the way... Ever since we got home, he's been sleeping 9 - 10 hours straight every night! :)

Okay... best picture of the week award! So we had planned on going to the park the day before, so from the moment Gwen woke up, she wanted to go to the park. But things kept happening to push it back and back. Their car wasn't ready to be picked up, Jefferson wouldn't take his nap, Cohen had to be fed... blah blah blah.... But the whole day, Gwen was being soooo patient, and so good while she waited. So before we left I sat her down and told her what a good girl she was being. And that I would buy her a special treat! So on the way to the park we stopped at a mini mart so I could get my mt. Dew, and so Gwen could pick out a treat! Well this is what she picked out, and she was pretty dang excited!!
Us at the park:

Gwen insisted we held hands while we swung... how could I resist?!

Jefferson never really let me play with him... he always just stared at me...
EVERY morning... I'm NOT exaggerating.... Gwen wanted her hair and makeup done. I think it started when Jenny needed some time by herself to clean the kitchen or make lunch or whatever... But she had to have purple on her eyes, and pink on her cheeks! And she insisted on wearing a headband, because Aunt Jen was wearing one!

Okay, well That's it! I can't believe I did it!! It took me about 4 and half hours to complete... in between feeding and playing with Cohen! Now he's sitting on my lap while I finish... thanks little buddy!
I am sooooo thankful I got to go to New Mexico. It was a trip I will never forget! Thank you Luke and Jenny!!!! I love you guys so much!