Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mama's Christmas song...

When we finally started listening to Christmas music this season, Cohen would ask for "Mama's Christmas song!" What song is that, you ask? Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" of course! He asks for it all the time. And Cohen and Molly run around, dancing to it! Now that we've been listening to other Christmas cd's, he says "Cohen's Christmas song" is 'Sleigh Ride' from the Osmonds cd. Also number two off the 2nd Glee Christmas cd. The last two days his new favorite is also from Glee, "The little Drummer Boy". I'll catch him at random times of the day singing, "Rum pa pa pum"! I just LOVE his love for music, and dancing. And that he truly knows that Christmas music is so special.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello! Nice to meet you!

Alright, so it's been awhile....... so sue me. I guess I've been putting most of my blogging effort into my new challenge. I'll try and sum up the last little while!

Molly: A little over 17 months old. She is a little firecracker! I swear, she turned into a teenager over night! She voices her opinion... often. She L.O.V.E.S dancing... and she recently learned how to sing along to her favorite song. It's a song from the movie 'Rio'... her favorite movie! Could be because it's easy to say, who knows! Either way, it's fetchin cute! She is the sweetest, little thing on the planet...and loves giving kisses, blowing kisses, 'loves' (hugs), and tons of snuggles! She loves playing with her brother's trucks, trains, 'Cars' toys, animals and occasionally her doll. She loves coloring, which is fun, because Cohen never really got into it... Our wonderful Nursery leader at church has been letting Molly join in! She's not technically supposed to start for a few more weeks.. but Sis. Gibb is the BEST! And Molly loves it! (so does Mommy and daddy!) We love her to pieces... and we love watching her learn things everyday!

Cohen: Almost 3 1/2 years old. Oh my little Cohen buns... He seriously surprises me everyday with his personality, and funny things he says and does. He is quite the little comedian! And LOVES telling jokes! And then afterwards, he'll laugh and say, "Is that funny, mama?!" He's a riot. He still loves animals, and I, myself, have learned so much about animals because of him! It's amazing how much he knows about them. He knows three types of Monkeys by looking at the pictures: Apes, chimpanzees, and orangutans. Don't believe me?? Just ask him! He is loving going to pre-school, and it's so fun to go through his backpack and look at the fun stuff he made that day, and see what he's learning. I'm just so proud of him. He loves life, and new adventures. He LOVES his friends, and truly cares about others. Oh I just love him.

As for Jeff and I? Same ol' stuff! Jeff is staying busy with work, which is awesome. And occasionally he'll throw in a round of golf. I'm staying busy with my two little busy-bodies... and my food blog. And occasionally throwing in some running with my friends!

stay tuned for recent pics!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Punkin Patch!

We headed to Bauman's Farm for our pumpkin pickin this year! That place was way further than we thought it was going to be. But it ended up being an awesome place! They had a HUGE petting zoo, which is right up our ally!

Here's Molly going to town on their apple spice doughnuts. They were so yummy!

They had so many animals to pet, and feed. It was so fun!

Somehow this little goat got out. And it just wandered around. We were the only ones in the barn, so Cohen ran right up to it! So did Molly! It really surprised me that they were not afraid of it. We got a video of the kids chasing the goat around, but it won't let me upload it for some reason.

out in the field! Molly of course is drawn to the most nastiest of all pumpkins!

Can you find Cohen here?

After finding our most perfect pumpkins, we headed to Red Robin for dinner. The kids were so good in there. And as always, so cute! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

little ouchie

While Cohen was at preschool this morning, I took advantage of some mommy/daughter time and went shopping with my little girl! We were in Target, and Molly was turned backwards in the cart (anyone else HATE the carts at Target?! Just me???) Anyway... she was buckled in, but turned around. She kept putting her head back, as far as she could until she could see me. Then I would either kiss her forehead, or tickle the front of her neck. She would giggle so loud! It was pretty cute. Then after 5 or 6 times of this, I went to go tickle her neck, and she started laughing so hard that she flipped her head forward, and bashed her head on the cart! She started screaming, so I picked her up to love her. I pulled her back to make sure all was okay, and sure enough her left eye was covered with blood. I was freaking out (in the inside). I didn't have my phone, so I couldn't call anyone. I didn't know if she needed stitches, I didn't know anything. So I wiped her eye with a baby wipe, and it looked okay to me. And it had stopped bleeding. So hopefully all will be okay. Hopefully it's not black and blue in the morning.

My sweet little Mollykins.......

Cohen the little school boy...

Aunt Tracey, Molly & Bernie waving goodbye to Cohen as he leaves for preschool

This is Cohen's preschool teacher (and my dear friend!), Miss Mary. She is so sweet, and so great with those boys! I love it when Cohen comes home and we go through his backback to see what he did that day! And he just lights up when we talk about his school.

I love this cute little boy!!! I must say... He has a new saying. "I promise, mama!" So when he wants something, he will say, "I need that ___, Mom I promise!" It's pretty dang cute.

I love him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The crayon ar-teest....

Ahhhh... She looks SO innocent, doesn't she?
This is what I found when I came in the kid's room to check on them...

See anything unusual??

Oh, a crayon in her hand, in her crib, after I put her to bed maybe???


So you're probably wondering where the heck she got a crayon from. Me too. The only thing I can think of, is right before bed I had to pry that very crayon out of her tiny, very cute, little hand. I had put it high up on their dresser. Cohen, being the very sweet, loving brother that he is, must have gotten it down for her! Just doing his brotherly duties, I guess.

What a little sweetie. Yep, that's MY sweetie!

Cohen's first day of pre-school

Yes, my little Coco buns has started school! My friend Mary has her teaching degree, and she has been itching at getting back into it. So at the beginning of the summer, Mary, our friend Jennie, and I were discussing pre-school for our boys. Cohen, only being barely 3, I knew he wasn't ready for regular pre-school. But i definitely wanted him to do something. Learn how to interact with other kids, develop social skills, and just the basics. So when Mary came up with this idea, I jumped on it!! She is WONDERFUL! And the boys just love her! She will be teaching 5 boys. Two of which are her own.

Cohen was pretty excited. He even packed a toy dolphin in his backpack! :)

This was Cohen waving 'goodbye' to Molly in the window!

What a handsome little boy I have....

Here are the boys in action! Mary texted this picture to me 15 minutes into it! I LOVE it!!

From Left: Simeon Brady, Cohen, Blake Steyskal, Morgen Kelly, and Max Kelly (Back to us)

I'm very excited for this 'school' year for Cohen!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

my blueberry pickin' farm boy

Yesterday was game day, so my mom came up with the idea to go to a farm and pick items for homemade salsa! I was down! Molly was sleeping, so we took Cohen with us.

This was the funnest thing I've done in a LONG time

Cohen was so cute. He listened and followed direction. He helped pick peppers, and blueberries. He had a blast walking through the rows of vegetables. and he got piggy back rides! It was 95 degrees, and he was such a trooper!! It was just so fun!

Here he is picking different things... and "taste-testing" the blueberries!

After we were done, we promised him we would stop at the tractors. He loved them.

I will definitely be doing this again before fall comes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Check it out!!

I was the *PROUD* winner of a blog contest... here ... And as the winner I got a brand spankin new blog design!

Doesn't it look AWESOME?!? From the very beginning she wanted to know all about my interests, colors I like, things I don't like... Everything. She was VERY detailed. Which I probably wasn't the easiest to work with, cause I am sooo very easy to please no matter what. But I can HONESTLY say this blog is *ME* and I L.O.V.E. it. She is so talented.

She posted before and after on her blog... so check it out: here. And while you're there, check out the rest of it! She has a very fun blog! :) TK+TOTS

Thank you Kirsten!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coco buns becomes Cohen

Happy 3rd Birthday Cohen!

So the other day I was looking at pictures, trying to figure out which to blog next... then I realized I never blogged about Cohen's birthday!! :( I'm terrible! So here are A LOT of pictures from his special day!

Cohen had some of his friends come over in the afternoon, and we had quite the little water party! It was perfect for the kids, on that hot summer day.


My mom and sister, Allison helped me frost these the night before. I LOVE how they turned out, and so did Cohen! I found them in a cupcake book I have, about 3 months prior to his birthday... and I new I was going to do them ever since! They were perfect for the little animal lover!

That evening, we had Cohen's family birthday party. Uncle Nick, Darcy, Auntie Allie, Aunt Tracey, Grandma, and Grandpa were all there to help celebrate! It was a wonderful evening...

Molly had fun playing with the frosting of the cupcakes...

Proof of a successful birthday:

Cohen is such a sweet little boy, and sooo funny! He amazes me everyday with his knowledge of animals! He loves to read books, go to the park, go on walks to collect pine cones and rocks, have dance parties, and chase his sister around! :)

He loves his nursery class at church. And is the first one up to dance during singing time! He is so fun to be around, and I just love his excitement for life!

He just recently started calling himself 'Cohen', and not 'Coco' (Cohen was hard for him to say).

I just love this little boy of mine.