Monday, December 29, 2008

What a cutie

Cohen is five months old today! Oh my gosh I love him so much! If I knew five months and one day ago what was in store for me, I wouldn't have believed it! Last week he started sitting up! Oh my gosh it's the cutest thing! He looks like such a big boy! He actually has a cold right now. I feel so bad. :( Cause there's nothing really i can do about it. His doctor wanted to see him today, cause his cough has gotten pretty bad. Everything looked like a cold... nothing too severe, which is good. He weighs 16 lbs, 3 oz!

So on saturday, we had family pictures taken. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! We haven't had a family picture taken of all of us, since Luke got home from his mission, 6 years ago!!! Tracey's friend, Lisa took them, and I guess these are just sneak-peak pics. I just got them e-mailed to me yesterday. I love these! So here are just a few from the millions that she took! (THANKS LISA!!)

Cute little cousins! Gwen, Cohen, & Jefferson

Trust me, It was hard for me to sit by and watch this! But isn't this sooo cute! Look at her tongue! She is TRULY concentrating.

My cute little boy! 5 months old!!! ahhhhhhh

So that's where all my tupperware went!!

Just a warning.... this post might make you sick, or make you not ever want to come to my house! :) Either way... read with caution... (believe me, I threw up in my mouth a few times)

I am HORRIBLE when it comes to deep cleaning. Ask Jeff. When we're both cleaning, he will find me somewhere cleaning something unneccesary when I should be cleaning something neccesary... let me explain... Tommorrow Luke, Jenny, Gwen and Jefferson are coming over to hang out. Well our place is a mess! But having a sick little boy, and a husband that works late, leaves me with not a lot of time. So I choose to clean the places where people will be. Long story short... I went grocery shopping tonight, and while I was putting things in the fridge, I realized I didn't have a lot of room to put my milk and such. So I noticed some tupperware containers that didn't really need to be there. I then start stacking containers on top of eachother on the counter, and they just kept coming!!! Oh my gosh you guys... the stuff that was in them... seriously nasty!! While I was cleaning them out, I was thinking of when I had made the stuff... and some came from before I had COHEN!! Or there were a couple from when people brought us food when I had him. Oh nasty. But now if you look in my fridge, it's empty, and bright! There was enough tupperware to fill a whole dishwasher!!!! So anyhooo... my house might not be clean tomorrow, but at least I'll have a clean fridge for them to look at! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

thankful for the snow storm

So I can't believe I'm saying this, but we are in the middle of a huge snow storm! And there is NO sign of it stopping!! I honestly can't believe it! I've never seen Portland like this. Today on the news, they said that the airport is measuring 14 1/2 inches, and we probably have a couple more inches than that here!! This is just crazy!!!! Every time I look out the window, I feel like I'm looking at a picture... it just seems so unreal! For the past two days we have been safely stuck at my parents house. I had to work yesterday morning, so Jeff, Cohen and I stayed at my parents house, cause I work just down the road. And I had jeff take me in my parents blazer with chains on. Now we really are stuck here... But man oh man am I thankful for this blizzard! You're probably wondering why the heck would I be grateful that I"m stuck somewhere, without my things, and not able to go anywhere.... well let me explain.

Because of this storm... there have been a lot of stores that are closed. And hardly anyone can travel, unless they have 4 wheel drive AND have chains on. So this has pretty much forced families to stay home and spend time with their families. I have been having soooo much fun with my family. And I feel that this is the meaning of Christmas. Spending time with our families, showing love for one another and eating yummy food! :) Luke and Jenny and their cute kids are in town. They luckily came in before all this happened. And usually when they come, I hardly get to spend any time with Luke, cause he's off with the boys. But because everyone has been stuck here, we've been able to truly spend time with each other! I just feel that the "material" part of Christmas has been put on hold, and we can truly celebrate the true meaning of christmas with our families.

I feel really bad for those stuck at the airport. It really makes me sad... and I hope they will be able to travel to their families soon! I am so thankful I'm in a warm, house filled with food, and a warm bed to sleep in.

I'm thankful for my parents, who have generously taken us in during all this. My dad has done everything imaginable to keep us safe... whether it's taken us to and from work, shoveled the driveway, or shoveled our cars out of the snow! And my mom has done everything to keep us fed with yummy food and have warm beds! Thank you!

So here are some pictures from these past couple of days....
This was last night. After we took this picture we measured it with a ruler, and it was just under a foot.... this morning when we measured, we lost the ruler! It was too deep!

Cute little Gwen playing with her cousin Cohen!

These ice chunks came off Allie's car!

Uncle Nick with Jefferson
Cohen in his saucer. He LOVES this thing!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


okay... so for months now I have gone from blog to blog reading about people obsessing over this book... waiting in lines until midnight for the book to go on sale... And then the movie came out and WOW! I had NO idea what the hype was all about!!!! (I kinda still don't!) This past saturday I was invited to go see it with some girls in my ward. Jeff's reaction was, "Twilight?????? Really?????" Haha.... And I said, "yes, I know... but I haven't gotten out of the house in a LONG time, and I really want to get to know those girls!" So I went. And I had a blast with them. Poor girls though... After the movie, they got an ear full of questions! I seriously still don't understand the hype... but I guess I need to be a reader to fully understand. Unless it's in People magazine, or Good Housekeeping... I might not ever fully understand! :)

What the Einstein?!!

So I just started putting on Baby Einstein videos for Cohen.... and holy cow... he loves it!! Here is what I found while I stepped away for a minute! Yes even Baxter is intrigued! I started folding laundry after I took this pic, and even I caught myself mesmerized!! ha ha.... I have a video of Baxter jumping on top of the tv and swatting at the different things moving! I love this picture!

A new cutie in town!

So my friend, Brittany had her baby girl December 2. Her name is Macy Claire. She is just adorable!! Cohen and I went and visited her when she was two days old! Cohen looks sooo big compared to her!

Welcome to this world Macy! I'm sooo happy for Tim and Britt! I'm sooo happy that she's healthy and cute and part of their family!! Congratulations! We Love you and Macy!

My Day off...

So I had to work like 6 days in a row while someone was on vacation... so when I finally had a day off... this is pretty much what I did for a good portion of my morning... just hung out with my boys. Baxter actually climbed in there on his own! I think he felt a little left out. Cohen was so stinkin cute with him!!! He kept grabbing his paw, and petting him. I can't wait to watch him chase baxter around the house! :)

I KNOW!!!! Isn't this so cute?!?! These pj's are from allie! And when I put these on him, I was thinking that they were getting a little snug, so I needed one last picture of him in it.

Oh Christmas Tree....!

So here is our cute little family picking out a christmas tree! Two weekends ago we went with my parents and Nick, Tracey and Conrad to pick out our tree! So here are some pictures. Unfortunately we didn't get a single picture with us and our tree! :( We had a video camera with us, so we used that most of the time. And please don't judge me for under dressing our son!!!! Oh my gosh the day was so gorgeous, and the sun made it very deceiving!

Nick really liked this tree...
I love living where you can cut your own christmas tree!!! I can't imagine it any other way! No offense to those that have fake trees........... I just love the fresh smell!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brothers & Sisters anyone?????

okay, so does anyone watch Brother's & Sisters???? My little sister, Allie got me hooked on it, and now she doesn't watch it. I have no one to discuss it with!! I was complaining to Jeff about this today, after I watched the one from Sunday... I want him to start watching it with me, but he said that he doesn't want to start a series in the middle of it, cause he doesn't know what's going on... booooooo! It is seriously my new favorite show. If you watch this show, let me know and we can chat!! If you don't... consider watching it. the end.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family pics

So while we were in Utah, we had our family pictures taken. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see the finished pictures!! These pictures are obviously taken with my camera, and so in most of the pictures we are not looking at the camera... cause we're looking at the photographer. So just enjoy these until we get the real things!

Here's Cohen in between shots... it was pretty cold outside... So we had to keep him bundled
Finally a cute picture with me and my little man!

The siblings and the in-laws! Nick, Jessica, me, Jeff, Jenny & Keith

Just the fam.

Ashlynn, Cohen, Braydon, Brock, Gavin, Blake, & Garrett

The whole clan!

The Hester Family

And a freaking cute little family

Alright already!!

So it has been WAAAAY too long since my last post. Wowwwwzers! So Jeff, Cohen, and I came home from Utah last night. We were there visiting Jeff's family for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful trip! My favorite was that Jeff and I didn't have to work so we got to spend a lot of time with our little family! It was wonderful seeing Jeff's family, and introducing Cohen to his big extended family... including more cousins for him!! Here are some pictures from the trip... I'll add captions as I go... So it won't be in any order... sorry. I just figured I could spend hours on here organizing these blogs, or I can just add the pictures. Which is what everyone wants to see anyway!! :)

So this was at Temple Square. He looked so fetching cute I can't stand it.

I don't know what I did here with the picture layout..... bah! So here's a family pic at Temple square...

Yes, santa forced me to sit on his lap while holding Cohen while he was sleeping... what a
mean ol' Santa! :)

Here's Cohen in his new Pjs, he got from Great Grandma Worthington! Aren't they soooo cute?!?!

This is Great Grandma & Grandpa Long

this is Cohen on the airplane. Man was he ever good on the flight!!! He was just so cute! And about ten rows up from us, was a little boy that screamed his head off about the last 30 minutes of the flight... poor kid.

Yes, this is a Santa kissing Jeff........................................

I don't even want to talk about it... Somehow I lost Cohen's mitten while we were walking around!! :( I went to grab his hands, and felt one bare, and I just about had a heart attack!! So Sad.....

This is Brook, Courtney's little sister. She is serving a mission at Temple Square! I am sooo happy I found her there! There was like five million people there... it was truly meant to be!

I am truly happy we were able to go visit in utah. We got to see a lot of people, and a lot of people got to meet Cohen, which means a lot to me! Thank you Bob & Gail for a wonderful week!! We love and miss you all!