Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To the farm we go!

Yesterday morning Jenny and her three boys, Jeff, cohen, and myself, all well to the farm at Thanksgiving Point! It was so much fun! They had a lot of different animals. And I'm pretty sure Cohen loved it! I think it was better than going to the zoo, cause here we could get really close up to the animals, so he could really see them. And all the boys loved feeding the chickens and turkeys! They got snapped at a couple times! Those turkeys were HUGE!!!

Oh, this was sooo fun! Cohen's first pony ride!!! :) At first all he was really interested in was a piece of thread that was on his saddle! And then he would reach for the horse's hair, it was really cute! It was just a really fun day!

'I love to see the Temple...' continued....

Last night Jeff, cohen, and myself, went with Jenny, Keith and their boys to the Oquirrh Mountian (Herriman) Temple open house! It was so much fun! That temple is absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside!! The colors are awesome! And it was so fun going through with Jeff and Cohen! I was so surprised how good Cohen was through the whole thing. He just sat in his stroller and looked around! :) I'm really glad we did that. I hope that people will take the time to go through if they can! While we were in the elevator, I asked one of the Usher's if there were any fun facts that we wouldn't know. And she said the only thing she knew of was that the temple was struck by lightening the other night. And the Angel Moroni's arm has a big gash in it! Interesting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

'I love to see the Temple...'

Tonight I was in charge of Family Home Evening. So after our lesson, I announced we were taking a field trip to the Draper Temple! We hadn't been there yet, so I thought it would be a fun family activity! Well it turned out to be the best idea I've come up with in a long time!!! We had SOOOO much fun! And I can't believe the pictures that came out of it! WOW!!! So yes, there are A LOT of pictures below... I just couldn't decided which ones to post. So PLEASE enjoy... We are!

I looooooove the fact that Jeff doesn't work evenings anymore, so we can spend time as a family. I had such a fun time tonight with my boys. Cohen is just becoming such a cute little boy, not a baby! :( Oh i just love my family. And what a beautiful night!! Unfortunately, the gates were locked, but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful evening.


So last night we were driving up to Jeff's parents for dinner, and we were discussing how cute Cohen is. Just typical discussion.... :) And Jeff said how much he wished he had the curly hair flip like Cohen has! I then ask, "you are jealous of your baby's hair?!" Jeff then said, "yes!" ha ha! I thought it was sooo cute! Jeff's hair is very thick, but very straight... and he said he always wished he could grow it out all shaggy with the curly flip! I thought only girls wished for things like that! :)

I took this pic this morning. He was just in such a good mood and in such a cute outfit! He finally can fit into his new converse!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Biggest Losers... that's us!

Jeff and I decided we needed a life change. So we decided to join the Biggest Loser club! We absolutely love it! And i can't believe how 'easy' it is!! I say that, cause going on a "diet" was always soooo stupid to me. I always thought, that if you go without eating certain things, you won't go that long.... or if you cheat, you gain it right back. Well... we are counting calories, and working out daily. and I feel soooo awesome! i'm not going to lie! I feel great! I have sooo much more energy, and I feel sooo good. And we totally eat regular things! It's just all in portions.

We have been doing this for three weeks and two days, and so far, as of Sunday, we have BOTH lost 13 POUNDS each!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I still can't believe it.

I just asked Jeff what he thinks about this diet.... "it's wonderful... and it's not as hard as I thought it was going to be." there you have it!

So i will keep you updated with our progress as we go. :)

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Taylor, I'm so so SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You worked so hard, and freakin Graduated!!!! YIPPPEEEE!!
So my little baby brother just graduated from High School. I can't believe, that out of six kids, there are no more siblings in high school! Wowwww we are getting old!! Sorry guys, but it's true! So yeah, Taylor Graduated from Putnam High School on Monday, June 1st. And I was actually surprised at how good the graduation was! Afterward, we snuck onto the field and took our family pictures...
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Portland Fun!

Nick's Birthday was June first, but that was the day of Taylor's graduation, so we decided to celebrate his birthday on Saturday. Luke, Jenny, Gwen, and Jefferson flew in that evening, just in time for Gwen to get her purple balloon!! :) It was sooooo awesome seeing them!

I'm really glad we got to be there for Nick's birthday. I hope he had a really fun weekend. I love you Nicky!!!!

Cute little cousins! Jefferson had a hard time sharing toys (the skateboard) with Cohen... luckily Cohen didn't care one bit. Soon they will be such cute little buddies and those things won't matter! I can't wait for that time!

Cohen learned a new face while we were there! I don't even know what to call it. but it's stinkin cute!

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!?!

Cohen, and myself met Luke, Jenny, Gwen and Jeffer downtown at the waterfront. We had a blast splashing around in the fountain. I had to watch Cohen VERY carefully, since he loves water so much, he would crawl right in if I let him! Luke took some VERY cute pictures of him while we where there.

Saturday night Taylor was DJing the church youth dance... so us brother's and sisters decided we needed to go see him work his magic! So after we put the kids to bed, we: Tracey, Conrad, Luke, Jenny, nick, Darcy, Allie, and myself headed down the street to the church. None of us were in the "dress code", but luckily our Aunt Linda was there and let us go in! Thanks Aunt Linda!!! We walk in, and there are about thirty kids there, but the music was booming, and we all started dancing!! It WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! We soon got everyone that was there involved in our dance circle. Oh my, it was just so much fun. Taylor did SUCH an awesome job!!! I was VERY proud of him! Taylor would turn on a song, and then jump off the stage and dance with us! Oh it was the best time. By the end, we were all drenched with sweat.... i'm not kidding. We all felt soooo out of shape. And I don't know about everyone else, but I was very sore the next day! I REALLY wish I had pictures of that night. :( But trust me, it was awesome!

Cohen my little ten monther

Okay, so I realize it's been weeks since I've updated my blog. My deep apologies! A LOT has been going on! We have been all over the place the last couple of weeks. We spent Memorial weekend in St. George with Jeff's family... and then Cohen and I went to Portland for a week. Sadly Jeff was not able to go with us to Portland. TRULY SADLY. :( But all in all we had a blast. So I have a lot of pictures to post, and hopefully I don't get overwhelmed and give up!

While we were in Portland, Cohen had a check up. We haven't found a pediatrician for him in utah yet, so I just did it in Portland... anyway...

19 lbs 6 oz
28 1/4 inches long
still in the 25th percentile

Here are a few pictures taken at my parents house. He definitely LOVES the water!!
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