Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your predictions....

So what do ya think????? Tell me when you think this kid will be born!!
We will start a pool!
Tell me your day, time, and weight predictions! Oh, how fun!

Is the time EVER gonna come?!?!

So it's sunday night.... three days before my due date. I am pretty much the fattest I can get, SO uncomfortable, and ready for this to be over!!! We have our hospital bag packed... which I didn't want to do, cause I knew it would jinx us, and the baby would come like a million days later..... but we did it. In fact... cute story with that.

About a week and a half ago, we decided to pack our hospital bag. Which we are using our diaper bag for (THANKS AUNT JAN!!). I was on the computer dealing with something... so Jeff was wandering around packing the bag, and doing stuff in the baby's rooms minding his own business. In fact, there was one time I look over and he's pushing the stroller around!! After I finish what I'm doing, He comes up to me and says, "okay! The bag is packed!" And the look on his face was priceless... just soooo proud of himself! He sets the bag on the ground and stands there waiting for his praises... I take a gander, and this is what I find....

I started laughing soooooo hard! I said, "honey, we do NOT need THAT many diapers, and a FULL thing of wipes to take to the hospital!!!" And he said... "no that's good!" and walks off!! Oh my goodness... what a cutie pie! He was just so proud of himself, and I think he really felt like a dad, getting ready for his baby! :)

Jeff has been really cute about this last little phase.... Sometimes I'll catch him in the closet looking through all the baby clothes, or making suggestions on where we should put something, or how we should do something or when he hooked up the car seat. He could do a little better at offering with the feet rubs, or back rubs... ;) but overall... he's going to be such a fetching good dad!

I just can't believe, that by this time next week... we COULD have a little baby screaming his head off in our home! Nothing makes me happier!!! It's crazy to think the time is already (hopefully) almost over! Actually, so many people have been giving me advice on things I should try to enduce labor...... Spicy foods..... My thought on this, is I already LOVE spicy foods.... so would it really make a difference if I ate spicy foods? I don't think I can get any more spicy than what I already eat! Taking walks.... Jeff and I walked around our neighborhood for about an hour tonight... so I'll keep trying that. And Jumping on the trampoline... ha ha! I went over to my parents house the other night, and had Allie jump with me. About ten minutes into jumping, I broke the tramp! I'm not kidding. It was sooo funny! The leg just like busted off!! So I guess I can't try that anymore!! :) Any more suggestions are welcome. I'm willing to try anything! OHHH, and the other day I was in Target, and this old lady came up to me and said, "WOW!! Any day now, huh??" And I said, while sighing, "yep..." And then she goes on telling me to try castor oil. By this time, I'm trying to just ignore this crazy lady.... and then she says.... "it will either make you go into labor, or you'll just poop a lot... neither bad things!" oh my gosh... wow!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 16th, what a day.....!

So I had my 38 week check up... good news.... I am dialated between 2 & 3cm!! WOOHOOO! The Midwife couldn't believe the progress. She said that he dropped significantly, and I was 50% effaced. And I was like... ummm wait a second. And she said, is that bad?? and I said, "well seeing as I was 70% last week, I'm kinda going backwards!!!" she told me that it might be because he's so much lower now, that it's more accurate this time. So that's good I guess. We also go to have an ultrasound, cause she wanted to make sure the head was down. It was really fun to be able to do that!! We saw the head, the eyes, the spine, and the heartbeat! And yes, his head is fully down!
Yeah, I'm ready for this guy to come out!!!

Okay, now onto Baxter... For those of you who don't know who he the little guy is... he is our sweet little kitty. He has been so spoiled, we've pretty much treated him like a baby! I'm really worried about how he's going to be once the baby comes. For those of you who don't like cats, and don't understand the LOVE I have for cats, please skip this section!

So anyways... Baxter is an indoor cat. However, we are lucky enough to have a deck that is completely enclosed. So we let him go out there every once and awhile. He LOVES it. He could sit out there all day! And we don't mind, cause it's too high for him to jump down, and it's too far for him to jump up on the roof. And I leave the sliding door open a little so if he wants to come back in, he can. So last night I was making dinner for myself, and it had cooled down enough outside, so I let baxter go out on the deck. I opened the kitchen window so I could watch him. While I"m cooking, I look back several times and he's just sitting on the railing like a cute little kitty. I finish my dinner, and get it ready to take in the other room, I look outside, and baxter's not there. I step outside, and look all around, and under the grill. He's not there. So by now I'm thinking he must have came inside without me seeing. After I finished eating I went looking for him..... I just realized this is a very long story.... and I'm probably losing most of you. So LONG STORY SHORT..... I go outside and look all around shouting his name.... and after about ten minutes I look up on the roof, and there comes bax's little head popping out!! That little stinker found out a way to get up on the roof. I started freaking out! I literally ran up the stairs, grabbed a chair, and ran out on the deck. I finally got him down...... I am seriously suprised I didn't go into labor after all that!!! :) So I guess Baxter won't be allowed out on the deck anymore..... poor little kitty.

Here's a few pictures of him in his favorite spots. I think he's realizing someone important is coming. because he loves being anywhere in the baby's room. Last night I found him up with all the diapers! He loves the car seat. We haven't taken the plastic off yet... so don't worry!! He LOVES the sink. I really think it's his favorite spot in the house. So I guess this is my little blog for Baxter. So he knows we really do love him! Isn't he the cutest thing?!?!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

37 Weeks.... three (or so) to go!

So yesterday I had my weekly appointment, and I am happy to report that I'm dilated to 1 cm, and 70% effaced! Woohoo!! I'm just lookin for some progress, and I got some! My midwife couldn't believe the progress I made in just one week. I'm not getting my hopes up that it will be early, infact, I'm pretty positive I'll be quite late... It's just nice to know something's goin on!

Last night while I was trying to get to sleep, I felt some really sharp pains in my stomach. It felt like the worst cramps imaginable. I couldn't even get out of bed. At first I just figured it was gas, cause it couldn't have been contractions... so I fell asleep. Then about an hour later, I woke up with the pain again! By then Jeff was home from work, so I pushed my way out of bed, and told him what was going on. It kind of went away, so I went back to bed. but as soon as I laid down, it started again! I was so frustrated, cause I didn't know what it was! I just laid there and all I could think about was if I REALLY was in labor! And then I started FREAKING out!!! I kept thinking, I can't have this baby yet, I still need to organize the baby's closet, and I need to shampoo the carpet, and pack my hospital bag, and give Baxter a bath, and wash all the baby clothes!!! I couldn't get all that out of my head! I KNEW I wasn't going into labor, but I kept thinking, I CAN'T BE EARLY, I'M NOT READY! :) Wow, I'm officially nesting! well, the pain is gone, and I still don't know what happened... but all I know is now I have some more time to clean!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just some baby stuff...

So this is me at 28 weeks. I'm now almost 37 weeks, so I can't believe how long ago that was! At my last appointment, the midwife told me that nothing was going on... I wasn't dilated, the baby hasn't dropped, NOTHING. So hopefully this week we'll see some changes! My feet and ankles get so swollen, it's kinda disgusting! Oh, and my neighbor downstairs complains about me all the time to the office, saying that I "walk like an elephant"! She's very special, and we're trying to get her to move. I can't even imagine what she would do when we have the baby and he's crying all night, and I'm walking around at all hours! If she can't even handle me walking..... wow. :)

This is our baby's room. We absolutely love it!!! Jeff and I painted it a chocolate brown, and like a green apple green. We are very happy the way it turned out. The crib and changing table were a gift from Jeff's parents, and the bedding was a gift from my parents. I just love the bedding! We've actually hung shelves and stuff on the wall since I've taken these pictures, so I'll need to update that later....

Showered with Love and lots of gifts!

So I was lucky enough to be given two showers! The first one was in May, in Utah, given by my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, Gail and Jenny! And if I didn't say it enough... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! It was fantastic! A lot of my husband's cousins, and aunts came. I felt truly blessed. Two of my old roommates came too! It was just so nice! We got a lot of stuff!!

My other baby shower was given by Debi and Emily Hibler, and Lyndsi Morrow. It was amazing as well! They went above and beyond, and it was sooo much fun! I couldn't have asked for a better shower! I got completely spoiled, and I think we ended up getting everything we needed, plus more! I'm just so grateful to everyone that came and made me feel so special.

This picture above, of Allison smaking me in the face...... Debi had us play a game of musical chairs, and the three people that got a chair, were given bottles. We did not know this before volunteering for the game!! :) We then had to be the first person to finish the bottle. It was pretty hilarious! I didn't even come CLOSE to winning... I think Allie won, that little cheater! She's pretty though.... :)

Jeff was in Utah the weekend of my second baby shower, so he wasn't there to see all my stuff. So after my shower, I set everything out on display so that when he came home he would see the mound of gifts we got!!

Is it a boy or girl??

So here I am at 16 weeks. I thought I was sooooo huge!! Little did I know..... :) I was very anxious to find out the sex of the baby. Jeff and I would always look at baby clothes, but we couldn't buy anything cause we didn't know what it was! So finally when I was 18 weeks along, we got to find out!

We had taken a poll to see what everyone thought we were having. Jeff and I both kinda thought it was going to be a boy. Most of Jeff's family thought it was going to be a boy, and most of my family thought it was going to be a boy. Except Taylor. Taylor KNEW it was going to be a girl!! So we went to the doctor's and I while I was lying on the table, with the gooey stuff on my belly, the lady was just silently moving her little wand around. I couldn't see the screen at all. and I was getting very impatient. I kept looking at Jeff, and then I'd look at the nurse. Finally after over five minutes of silence, I asked... "can you even see anything?" And the nurse said, "oh yeah, I just can't get it to stop moving long enough to take it's heart rate!!" I was very relieved that something WAS there! So finally she was asking us names we were thinking about, and we told her our boy names, and our girl names, which one of them was Sophie. After a few minutes, so then says, "well you're definitely not having a Sophie!!" I was like, WHAT?!?! I looked at Jeff and he was smiling sooo big!! She then turned the screen I and I FINALLY got to see him on the screen! He wouldn't stop moving around! he was everywhere!! She had to take so many pictures, cause as soon as she would save one, he would move and make it all blurry! The nurse asked me if I had drank any caffeine that morning. And I said no. Then she asked if I had eaten any sugar, and I said no. Then all I could think was what a spaz we were going to have!!! :)

So I guess I'm pregnant!

So maybe I should start from the beginning, for those of you who want to hear the story...

Thanksgiving morning, Jeff and I woke up around 7 am, which is really early for us, and I"m not sure why we did! Jeff decided to run to Safeway to get bagels and breakfast stuff for us. Well, when I had woken up that morning, the first thing I thought of was that I wanted to take a pregnancy test. I'm not sure why, I just had a feeling. Nothing weird had been going on, I just felt that it was time to check! So since Jeff offered to go to the store, I thought it would be the perfect time to pee on a stick! :)

He left, and I ran to the bathroom. I did what I was supposed to (don't think you need the details...) and put it on the washer and walked away. I went and sat on my bed and looked at the clock so I could wait the five minutes, or whatever it was. It was the longest five minutes ever!!! I was surprisingly pretty calm while I waited. I kept telling myself not to get too excited, just in case. I walked over to the stick, looked at it, and I've never seen a clearer plus sign! I grabbed the instructions and checked it just to be sure. I looked at myself in the mirror, and just started laughing!!! I was SOOOO happy!! I was shaking at this point, and I couldn't stop smiling! So I put it in the drawer, and ran back to bed.

Jeff then came home from the store, and I called him into the bedroom. I asked him to sit next to me. I then blurted out, very calmly, and quietly, "I think I'm pregnant." And he said, "why?" and I said, "because I just took a pregnancy test." "Are you sure?" he asked... and I said.... "go look for yourself!!!" So I hear him go into the bathroom, then start laughing, and then he said, "holy crap!!" It was really really cute!!!! We then decided we needed to take more tests just in case! We went to Fred Meyers and bought three more tests and headed home. After I took the tests, I sat them in the other room, and walked away. But this time I went back after a minute, and as clear as day they were all positive! It was insane!!!! Jeff couldn't believe it. He said, "Well, I guess we're gonna have a kid!" It was really cute!

After we let it sink in for a little bit, I called my sister-in-law, Jenny. She is a nurse, and I wanted her opinion on if those pregnancy tests are THAT accurate, and if it was safe to tell our family. Since we thought Thanksgiving would be a great day for that! She gave the approval (and her excitement). We then called Jeff's family. We only thought it was fair that they found out first, since we got to tell my family in person. Jeff's mom, Gail answered the phone, and Jeff blurted out that we had a surprise.... We shouted, "We're pregnant!!!" Gail started shouting so loud!!! Then she ran in the other room and told Jeff's dad, and sister, Jessica! It was so funny!! Then we called Jeff's sister Jenny, and his brother Nick. Everyone was pretty excited!

So then we headed over to my parents house. We were really excited, cause this was the first time our whole family had been together in a long time! The Hibler family was coming over later too, so it was just going to be perfect! Jenny and I decided that Jenny would have to gather the family together first, or they would know what was going on... So about thirty minutes before the Hiblers came over, Jenny rounded everyone into the living room. And everyone kept asking, what was going on! Everyone was teasing her that she was having twins (she was pregnant at the time), and then someone shouted that she was pregnant again....Well she kept saying no no no... and then I raised my hand and said I was!! Everyone kinda looked at me really weird, and then I started crying. After that, they all caught on! My mom, Tracey, Allison, and Jenny were all crying, and we all hugged each other, and the boys were really cute about it! My dad kinda just sat there without any expression. It was pretty funny. I think he was just shocked!

After the Hiblers arrived, and we all sat down around the tables, my dad then says, "Before we bless the food, is there anything Jeff or Jen wants to say?!" I then announce that we're going to have a baby! They were all very excited.

That day was just very fun! I just can't believe it was so long ago, it seems like last month when we were announcing to people we were pregnant!