Monday, June 28, 2010

oh Cohen..... **sigh**

What a cute little fetcher i have. SERIOUSLY. He is soooo sinkin cute. Looks, personality, charm, humor... he's just CUTE! I wish on everything that I own, and wish to own, that he would just sit still for the camera. I have been DYING to try to get him to sit still and hold Molly for a picture. BUT HE WILL NOT. It's not even an option. Every time him and Molly are in a good mood, I try to get a picture. And what I get, is Cohen throwing Molly off his lap. And then Cohen runs off. The closest I can get of a picture of both of them, is Cohen kissing Molly. Which of course is cute, but i have about a million of those pictures! Well, I remembered I took this video when Molly was a few weeks old..... ENJOY!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Molly's Blessing Day

My parents and Tracey came into town a few weekends ago. So we decided to bless Molly then. My wonderful, talented mother made Molly (which was really a present for me :) ) a blessing dress! Being as busy as she was with her finals, and getting Taylor ready for his mission, she sewed this GORGEOUS dress. I love it so much, and am so grateful that now she has something to pass on. I love traditions! So here are the pics of her dress...

Her blessing was wonderful. What a special day it was for our little family. Jeff was so sweet. And I'm so grateful to those that were able to be there. We tried to get some family pictures, but of course, Cohen wouldn't have anything to do with it. Hopefully one day, he'll cooperate so we will actually have proof of a family of four!! :)
Here are more pictures from that wonderful day!

Family traditions are something that means so much to me. So luckily we have a very special family tradition we got to carry on with Molly. On top of the sweet blessing dress my mom made, she also wore a blessing dress that has been around for a LONG time! (I really hope i get all this info right!) When my grandpa Graham was in World War II, he flew on the back of a fighter plane. It was shot down, and the parachute he was wearing, saved his life by catching on a tree in Belgium. His mother took that parachute (what was left), and made a gorgeous blessing dress out of it. All of his children, my dad, and his siblings were blessed in it. Then most of their children, my cousins, were blessed in it, and now all our children are being blessed in it! So all my siblings wore it, including me. Cohen, and now Molly have worn it! It's soooo wonderful. I LOVE this tradition so much. Especially cause it all started with my sweet Grandpa.

Here is a picture of Molly wearing the parachute dress, on top of Grandma Lish's dress! Sweetest picture of the day!!

I just remembered something else. A few months before Molly was born, my mom and I were talking about baby blankets. She asked if I had *my* baby blanket. I didn't know what she was talking about. So she told me about my blanket that my grandma Lesamiz made me. A few weeks before I was born, my mom took a trip to stay with her parents. (I hope I get this story right too!) While she was there she starting sewing a baby blanket. She thought I was a boy, so she hurried and finished the boy blanket before she had to go. When I came out a girl, my Grandma made the girl blanket for me! The blanket is absolutely gorgeous, and so precious to me!

Well, after Jeff and I found out we were having a girl, we threw around different middle names, since we were already pretty set on Molly. Lola, being one of them. Well right after i heard this story, I KNEW she needed to be named after my Grandma, for MANY different reasons, but just hearing this story, and knowing Molly would be using the blanket too, IT WAS JUST MEANT TO BE!!! So in the picture above, that is the blanket she is laying on.

and the pictures below is ME, on the day I was blessed!! Wearing the parachute dress, and laying in the same blanket. Ahhhhh I just love it! (sorry the quality of the pictures are bad... I took these two with my phone!)

I am just so thankful for Molly. She is such a little princess, and she sure looked, and acted like one on this day! I love her so much, and I'm so glad she's a part of our family. She is such a blessing.

the reason God created nap time, and cute kids...

This happened over a week ago... but obviously I'm a little behind in my blogging, so pretend this just happened this morning!

I decided to take Cohen to the library. I feel like Cohen kinda gets shafted, since Molly has been born. Not that I mean to. But we spend most of our days inside. If you knew Cohen, you would understand why.... He has A LOT of energy... so we can't just 'go outside'. It involves A LOT to just 'go outside'! And to haul around a newborn outside just doesn't sound too appealing to me! ANYHOOO... So i decided to take them to the library for story time. We get there right after they already started, so here I am carrying in Molly in the car seat, and Cohen starts running for the little kid's books. I sit down in between two moms, just hoping Cohen will behave in the other room, since story time was in the room where I was. Instantly, Molly starts screaming. Side note: Molly HATES her car seat. I'm not kidding. She could be in the best mood, just have been fed, and the second I put her in her car seat, she screams. And if the car seat stops moving, like putting her in a shopping cart... same thing. So I take Molly out of her car seat, and I'm trying to console her, while Cohen is running all around the library! Thankfully we go to one that is really small. All of a sudden, Molly throws up alllllllllllll over my shirt, and it also lands on the chair next to me, AND on the floor. LOVELY. Then, from around the corner, I can hear Cohen screaming, and banging on the door. So i run over to grab him, while holding Molly, and he is screaming, cause I won't let him out the back door (he can see there's a park behind the library). So finally I give up. I go into the other room to put Molly back in her car seat, while she's screaming, and try to get Cohen. Cohen had a book about farm animals, he would not let go. So I am carrying him in one arm, and molly in the other. We go and check the book out. Well Cohen refused to let the book out of his hands to be scanned. I'm sure the librarian was just so pleased with us... as well as the other mothers there for a peaceful story time!! :) I finally get him in the car. whew.....

This all happened in FIVE MINUTES!!

After we got home and had lunch, I was at my wits end (I actually don't know what that means, but my mom says it!). Finally it was time for nap time. I put Cohen down, I feed Molly and put her down. a little while later, I go check on Cohen and tuck him in. What a flippin sweetie, and cutie pie. I then realized how grateful I am for nap time. Heavenly Father, definitely didn't need to require us to have naps. So I really think they are for Mothers, to re-coup, re-focus, BREATHE. That way when they wake up, we have chilled long enough to forget that we wanted to ship them off somewhere... We are excited to start the next part of the day! And man, its nice that they are stinkin cute!!