Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The crayon ar-teest....

Ahhhh... She looks SO innocent, doesn't she?
This is what I found when I came in the kid's room to check on them...

See anything unusual??

Oh, a crayon in her hand, in her crib, after I put her to bed maybe???


So you're probably wondering where the heck she got a crayon from. Me too. The only thing I can think of, is right before bed I had to pry that very crayon out of her tiny, very cute, little hand. I had put it high up on their dresser. Cohen, being the very sweet, loving brother that he is, must have gotten it down for her! Just doing his brotherly duties, I guess.

What a little sweetie. Yep, that's MY sweetie!

Cohen's first day of pre-school

Yes, my little Coco buns has started school! My friend Mary has her teaching degree, and she has been itching at getting back into it. So at the beginning of the summer, Mary, our friend Jennie, and I were discussing pre-school for our boys. Cohen, only being barely 3, I knew he wasn't ready for regular pre-school. But i definitely wanted him to do something. Learn how to interact with other kids, develop social skills, and just the basics. So when Mary came up with this idea, I jumped on it!! She is WONDERFUL! And the boys just love her! She will be teaching 5 boys. Two of which are her own.

Cohen was pretty excited. He even packed a toy dolphin in his backpack! :)

This was Cohen waving 'goodbye' to Molly in the window!

What a handsome little boy I have....

Here are the boys in action! Mary texted this picture to me 15 minutes into it! I LOVE it!!

From Left: Simeon Brady, Cohen, Blake Steyskal, Morgen Kelly, and Max Kelly (Back to us)

I'm very excited for this 'school' year for Cohen!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

my blueberry pickin' farm boy

Yesterday was game day, so my mom came up with the idea to go to a farm and pick items for homemade salsa! I was down! Molly was sleeping, so we took Cohen with us.

This was the funnest thing I've done in a LONG time

Cohen was so cute. He listened and followed direction. He helped pick peppers, and blueberries. He had a blast walking through the rows of vegetables. and he got piggy back rides! It was 95 degrees, and he was such a trooper!! It was just so fun!

Here he is picking different things... and "taste-testing" the blueberries!

After we were done, we promised him we would stop at the tractors. He loved them.

I will definitely be doing this again before fall comes.