Sunday, January 17, 2010

31 Days of being Thankful: day 15

I am thankful for COUPONS!!!! Yes! I said it... I am thankful that there is such a thing that will help save a buck or two! When I lived in Oregon, I was SOOOOOOOOO good at coupon shopping. I'm not kidding. Well I guess I owe all my knowledge to my mother, cause to me, she was the master! But ever since I moved to Utah, I have been HORRIBLE. I just don't get how people do it here! I need my Safeway!!! Anyway... I'm back in the game, and I had a GREAT shopping experience at Walgreen's the other day. I'm so proud of myself. And yes, I"m a stay-at-home mom... but I feel this is my way of 'working' for my family!

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