Monday, September 29, 2008

I have a lot to catch up on.....

So yes, I've been slacking. But A LOT has been going on! Jeff's family was in town, Cohen's blessing, I went to Albuquerque, I went back to work, and now Cohen's 2 months old!! I swear, the next time I blog I'll be saying that he's 2 years old! :( So I guess this one will be about Jeff's family being in town...

It was so much fun having them here! It was Jeff's parents, sister Jenny, sister Jessica, and our nephew Blake. So Cohen got to meet two of his aunts, and his cousin!! It was so cute watching Blake with Cohen. Blake called him "Coco"!! It was really cute! The friday they all flew in, Jeff had to work. So we spent the day shopping and hanging out. Saturday was really fun. Jeff, Bob, Jenny and Jessica went to the Street of Dreams. While Gail and I hung out, and played with the kids. Then later we all went downtown to the Waterfront. It was really nice taking them there. They seemed to really like it! And the weather was beautiful!

Blake was having a great time playing in the water...

While Cohen was loungin' with Grandma Gail!!

Everynight we took Cohen in the Pool at their hotel. The first time, I was kinda nervous. But I thought that the worst that could happen would be he would scream his head off. Well the complete opposite, actually! He loved it!! He just completely chilled in my arms!

Then on Sunday, September 14th, Cohen was blessed. This was a very nice day. So many people came to support him, and it meant soooo much to us. Jeff did a wonderful job, and I was very proud of him. That day was just so special. Many people don't know, but we (the Graham family) have a very special blessing dress that everyone is blessed in. And I mean EVERYONE. The dress is made out of my grandpa's parachute from when he was in World War II, and his mom had made it for his children to be blessed in. So his kids, which is my dad and his siblings. Also all of their kids, which are my siblings, and all my cousins, and now all of our kids, which happens to be Cohen! So there's like fifty some babies that have been blessed in that dress. It's just awesome to have something like that in our family!

So that's that! We had a great time with Jeff's family. I'm soooo happy they came! Next time we see them will be Thanksgiving, and Cohen will be 4 months old!!! Crazy!

My baby is 2 months old!!!!

Can you believe it?!?! I sure can't. It seriously feels like yesterday, when I was posting a blog about how he was NEVER coming out! And how I wanted every ones predictions. Now I have this unbelievably sweet, cute, funny little baby. I love him so much. and every day that love gets greater and greater. Today I went to Michaels, and he was asleep when we got there. Then while we're walking around I hear this cute little squeek. So I look down, and Cohen is smiling soooo big!! It was so cute! And for the next ten minutes, that's all he did! He was in such a good mood!!! It's those moments, when I feel sooooo lucky to be a mom! I'm soooo grateful that he chose Jeff and I to be his parents, and his family. I love you little sweetheart!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sneak Peak!!!

So I am lucky enough to be in New Mexico right now with my neice and nephew and Luke and Jenny! We are having sooo much fun. But we have like zero time to post all of our fun pictures. So until then..... Here is a video to hold you over. ENJOY!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Temple day

So last saturday, Jeff and I were lucky enough to attend my friend's sealing. This was very special for me for a few reasons..... 1, I have not been to a sealing yet, besides my own. 2, It was my best friend and her husband. And 3, their daughters were being sealed to them. Oh my word, it was such an awesome day! The sealing itself was awesome. Watching Lyndsi and Brandon together, defininetly brought back feelings from when Jeff and I were sealed. When they brought those two little girls in, with their cute little white dresses... it was breathtaking! I could not stop crying... the spirit was just so strong. I am soooooo proud of Lyndsi, and I am sooo happy for her and her family. I was just so lucky to be there that day. Jeff and I were talking on the way home, that that is like a one in a lifetime thing to see. And it was just awesome!

Cohen's first trip to the temple!!

A little smile goes a long way!

So Cohen started smiling last week. Actually it was the day before he turned one month. He had been kinda smiling, but not really looking at anyone. But that day he had full on made eye contact, and it melted my heart! Everytime I tried to take a picture of him smiling, he would stop. Yesterday he finally let me take a picture, AND a video!! Please excuse my voice in the background... I tend to get a little high pitched! :)

Here are some pictures I've taken recently.