Monday, November 2, 2009

First trip to the Hogle Zoo

Last week, Jeff and I took Cohen to the Zoo! I kind of regret it now, cause the whole morning we were there, he was in SUCH a bad mood!!! We couldn't keep him in the stroller, and if we got him out, he didn't want to be held... he just wanted to wander around! I'm sorry but I didn't pay money for him to just walk around on the sidewalk!!! :)
It was pretty fun though, cause the zoo had so many newborn babies!! It was so fun! Baby tigers, a baby giraffe, the cutest little baby elephant, and some others.... The elephant was probably my favorite animal there!! Ahhhh... There's a video down below of just how cute he was! I really wish we lived closer to the Zoo, so we could get a year pass.... but it's way to far to go often. :( This was the first day he wore these shoes... and I hope my family will help me, cause we can NOT remember who gave these to us! I could have sworn, we bought them, but Jeff says it was one of his aunties..... Sisters, a little help????? Either way, they are sooooo stinkin cute on him! It was sad when we had to retire his converse. :(
And I just love this picture, him on his tippy toes!!!

This is my favorite picture of the day. Father and son enjoying the elephants! So cute!

And here's the video of the baby elephant! Soooo cute!


Anonymous said...

Auntie Tracey got them, of course! I got them at the Vans outlet in Troutdale. That pic of Cohen and Jeff watching the elephant is soooo cute!!

Alicia said...

These are such cute pictures. I love the one of Cohen on his tippy toes, and of Jeff and Cohen looking at the elephant!

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