Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanksgiving in Oregon

okay, you WILL NOT believe this... we were in Portland for 8 days, and I took TWO pictures. It actually makes me want to throw up. And I almost don't even want to post this, cause It's just the most awful thing. So you will just have to imagine the things that I say in this post, in your own mind. And if you were there with us... that's better, cause you actually saw what I'm talking about!

So we left Saturday morning, the 21st for Oregon. Oh boy were we excited! We spent the first evening just hanging out, and watching Cohen get familiar with my family again. Oh, and Oregon was playing too... Doesn't hurt for Jeff to get there in time to watch the game with my brothers and Dad!

Sunday wasn't that great of a day, cause half way through Sacrament meeting, Cohen started cuddling with my mom. You are probably wondering why that's a bad thing... but Cohen doesn't snuggle voluntarily... it means one thing.... He is sick. So yes, Cohen got a fever, and it was horrible. It was probably more horrible for me, just cause I wanted so badly to make him feel better. But on the happy side, he was soooo snugly the rest of the day, it was great! It was really nice to spend sunday dinner with my family.

Tuesday, Jeff, Cohen and I met up with our friends Tim, Brittany, and their daughter macy for lunch at the Olive Garden! It was so fun to see them, and have Cohen and Macy interact together. Macy is 4 months younger than Cohen.

I want to thank Britt for taking these pictures! My camera batteries were dead.... Okay, aren't these such cute little kids! And that doesn't even look like Cohen! He looks so old in it! People were ooohing and ahhhing over these two while they were walking in and out! Soooo cute!!

Wedneday, Luke, Jenny, Gwen and jefferson finally came!! They had spent the first half of the week with jenny's family. So it was sooo fun seeing them, and having Cohen play with his Cousins! Wednesday night all the guys went to the Blazer game, so Allie, Jenny, my mom and I hung out, and got ready for Thanksgiving!

Now for Thanksgiving... WoWzers! We had 24 people at dinner! The Hibler family joined us, and with all their significant others, we had a house full! It was so fun though. That's what Thanksgiving is all about! The food was absolutetly amazing thanks to my mom! The centerpiece on the table, was stunning, thanks to my dad! :) Everything turned out great! The evening ended with a nice family game of Loaded questions!

Friday... the weekend I have been looking forward to all year.... GIRL'S WEEKEND!!!! Every year, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving, my sisters and Mom, have a girl's weekend! Full of shopping, eating junk, and staying up late! We have been doing this... Mom, you'll have to correct me, for about, actually I have no idea... it has to be over ten years! But this year was the first time Jenny was able to come with us, and yes, Gwen got to attend too!! We went out to dinner, and then shopped until 11 pm! Gwen was such a trooper! She was sooo cute, and it was so fun having a little girl with us! We all stayed the night at Allie's apartment. The next morning, we lounged around, had a yummy breakfast thanks to my mother... and then shopped a little more. It was indeed a successful girl's weekend! Here's to next year!

Saturday night we spent celebrating my Dad's Birthday. Since it was just a few days later, we celebrated while we were all in town, which of course was awesome! We had Buster's BBQ, my dad opened presents, and then we just hung out.

Sunday we left back to Utah. :(

It was such a fun week! It was so fun to have the whole family together, and to celebrate a wonderful holiday! I had such a blast just hanging out with everyone, and I know Jeff did too. It was so fun listening to all the boys watching all the games together, and them "bonding"! I have the most wonderful family in the world. And I miss them all the time. So i am so thankful we were able to go home for so long!

alright, here are the ONLY TWO PICTURES I took while in Oregon.... I'm glad they were at least precious pictures, and not two pictures I took of a flower, or a cupboard. At least they were of a sweet mother/aunt snuggling and reading to two cute little boys in matching pjs, thanks to Grandma Lish!

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