Saturday, October 3, 2009

diaper genie, or diaper devil??!??

okay people... I need your help. If you have a dirty diaper keeping device, will you please give me your opinion???? I currently have a diaper genie, the first one, the original. I have had it since Cohen was born. However, I HATE it. It wreaks SOOOOO bad. I never could smell it when he was younger... maybe his diapers are stinkier now.??.. or maybe the diaper genie just sucks. Either way, I neeeeeeeeed a different system. They have so many out there now, that I just don't know what to think. I would SERIOUSLY appreciate your opinion on this. Do a mom a favor!
Thank you!!!


Summer and Mike said...

I use the pink diaper bags you find at the dollar tree. I wrap or double wrap each one and put it in the kitchen trash so it goes out regularly. Works for us!

Katie Fox said...

my opinion, don't get a diaper system. get a garbage can with a lid and keep it outside your backdoor or garage. You can keep it in the house just alway throw poopy diapers in the outside garbage can. thats what I do. I had the Genie when my oldest was little and I thought the same thing and thats what made me go to my other system. hope it helps :)


I never used the Diaper Genie I, but I have the Diaper Genie II and I have never smelt it. Of course I smell it when I'm changing it out, and that is potent because I only use it for poopy ones, but I've never gone in her room and though, "UGH! That stinks!"
Just confirmed with Tate, never stinks. Even if you go up to it and smell, it doesn't reak unless the lid isn't snapped shut completely.

So there you have it, my suggestion. But I do like Summer's idea, bet it's cheaper too!

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