Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Albuquerque, New Meheeeko!!!!

It's about time!!!! Over Labor day weekend, we decided to head south to see Luke, Jenny, and their two freaking adorable kids, Gwen and Jefferson! It started Thursday afternoon. Jeff came home early from work at lunch, and we took off! The drive was actually not that bad. It took us about ten hours... and that was with an unscheduled stop to Dairy queen, which took FOREVER! But it was a very pretty drive, and I would totally do it again! Hopefully soon! :)
Cohen was sooooo good in the car! When he was awake, which was most of the drive, he spent his time watching disney movies, and baby Einstein dvds! What a cutie he was! we didn't get to Albuquerque until 11 pm... and our sweet little niece was up waiting for us!! So Cohen and her stayed up until midnight playing! And the adults were up until 2:30!

First day we were there, we went to the zoo! It was a lot of fun! The best parts were probably watching the kids ride around in the wagon together, and watching Cohen wander around on a crate while it sprayed him with water!!

So Luckily, I have a brother that is really good at photography! He took our family pictures while were there! We've been needing new ones really bad... He did an awesome job! Thanks Luke! We spent most of our time in Old Town... the downtown "old" part of Albuquerque. It's sooooo awesome there. Really pretty.

More pictures of the zoo.

okay, this might have been the best part of the weekend... We decided to have a kid swap day! Saturday morning, Jeff and I took Gwen and jeffer, and Luke and Jenny took Cohen for an hour or so. Oh my gosh it was so fun! Best idea I've had in a long time! First, we took them to the gas station, and they got to pick out any treat they wanted. They thought that was so fun! :) they were dancing in the little store! Jeff and I brought little plastic airplanes, and we went to a park and threw them off the jungle gym thing. Then we spent the rest of the time swinging, and sliding, and running around in the grass chasing the airplanes as Jeff threw them!
Jenny and Luke also took Cohen to a park! Luke took sooooo many pictures of Cohen! It was just a very fun morning! And I will cherish that time that we got to spend with them, forever!
Afterwards, we all met at Rudy's!! DELICIOUS BBQ!!! Oh it was just yummy!!!!

more pictures in Old Town.... Cute Little Jefferson was standing next to me during most of the pictures... so finally he leaned in and gave me a smooch! TOO CUTE!

Top right... Jefferson was trying soooooooooooooooo hard (not even enough 'o's to describe this!) to give Cohen a hug!!! Oh it was just precious.... Luke took like 10 pictures of it... Cohen wouldn't really have any of it. I'm sure if he actually knew what Jeffer was trying to do, he would have done it. But Cohen only knew that Jefferson liked to push him over! :)

Top right pictures... I think it was sunday morning... I was so tired, and didn't want to get out of bed... so i made Jeff get up with Cohen. Well jenny was up with her kids, so she told Jeff to go back to bed and she would watch Cohen. Well after we got up, she showed me those pictures!!! :) Luke, and all three little cousins were in bed watching Thomas the Train, and sharing cheerios! Ack, could it get any cuter!??!?
The other pictures were taken at the U of NM campus. It's a BEAUTIFUL campus! Sadly enough, within the first ten minutes of us being there, Jefferson and shortly after him, Gwen fell into the duck pond!! It's funny now to think about... but it was kinda scary at first. But everyone is safe! :)
Top left, cute little uncle and niece time!! This was before church. Just precious little moments like that, was just the best! Then the other pictures were taken sunday night in Old Town. Oh, and the bottom left picture, was after Gwen got out of the bath after she fell in the duck pond!

So here's Cohen walking... for those who have not yet seen it yet!! This was at the zoo. The green crate looking thing on the ground, sprayed water sporadically, a few times, hitting Cohen. I couldn't get that on camera though... :( But it's still cute.
I am SOOOOO glad we were able to go visit them. It was such a blast. And we have memories that will last forever! I love Gwen and jefferson, and I am so glad we were able to have Cohen spend time with them! They are such cute, smart, sweet little kids! And it was EXTREMELY fun staying up late with Luke and Jenny, playing games, dancing, talking, watching videos on youtube, and eating lots of junk food!
Great trip.


Alicia said...

So, so cute! Such great pictures! I love every one of them! Thank you for sharing!

TATTON-KIRSTEN-BROOKELYN said... many amazing pictures! Cohen is a walking champ! holy-crow!

The Jen said...

Great trip summary, better than mine, glad we have it for family history! Bye the way...we had a blast too!

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