Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Years! And all the above!! WOW I can't believe it's already the new year! Where did December go???? :( Christmas came WAY to fast. I feel like I didn't get to do some of the things I wanted to do this month. Oh well.... I guess there's always next year. We had a wonderful Christmas. It was so much fun with Cohen. Even though he was scared to open his presents. He would pick them up and hand them to us, like he knew there was something in there... but when we would start to rip it, he would back up! Then he would get mad, if we weren't getting into it faster! Pretty funny! So hopefully by next year, he will understand the whole "unwrapping" part! :)

Here's our tree... a lovely tree from Salem, Oregon. Did us good this year!

Cohen opening his Christmas P.J.s on Christmas Eve.

Reading Christmas at the Little Zoo. Definitely not the same when my Mom isn't reading it!

After Santa Came... Christmas morning!

Cohen didn't really know what to do with everything! he would just go from one thing to the next. Ahhhh what a little cutie.

His Trike!! He loves this thing! And he's just content pushing the buttons, then having to ride it! He loves dancing to the music that it plays!
I was lucky enough to get sick Christmas Eve... and I didn't get rid of it until Sunday! Soooo lame. Christmas day, after we did our stuff, We went up to Jeff's parents house and spent the day, and then the night with all his family. We had a giant sleepover! It was really fun. It was a very nice, and relaxing Christmas!
I hope you all had a nice Christmas, and now are looking forward to a GREAT New Year!!

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shanda said...

Wow looks like fun.LOVE the TREE

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