Thursday, November 12, 2009

What does a cow say???

Cohen is such a talker! There are things he says well, and things he mimicks from Jeff and I. He is such a little chatter box! It's soooo funny listening to him. Some mom's think he says certain words... but it just doesn't sound like it to me... so here are the things he says, that I know for sure!

  • mama
  • dada
  • deeeeg (dog)
  • mow (meow)
  • moooo
  • hi
  • uh uh uhhhh (while shaking his head no!)
  • yeah (he says it really high pitched (not sure if that's what he thinks it means, but he uses it at the correct times :) )
  • no
  • whenever he sees a bird, or a duck or a balloon, he always gets really excited and says the same thing, but it's not a word, or at least to me!
  • keeey (kitty)
  • mmmmm (while he's eating, if he likes it, he says it! I totally taught him that one!)

That's all I can think of now. But he just started saying mooo after I ask him what a cow says. Usually I would ask him what a cow says, he would look at me, I would moo, and then he would moo! I'm working on what a kitty says. Since he can 'meow', I need to put it together! I think it helps that he sees a kitty all day every day!

Oh my gosh, speaking of kitty. FUNNIEST thing!! I NEED to get a video of it. Whenever Baxter is up high, like on the arm of the couch, Cohen will go over and start reaching for him. Well then Baxters tail will sway back and forth and rub in Cohen's face, and Cohen just starts laughing! And just stands there while Baxter's tail hits him in the face!! It's sooooo funny! ok, maybe this isn't funny without a video. I'll work on getting one by next week!

Jeff and I are leaving tomorrow for St. George! This is our weekend get away for our anniversary that was last week! I'm really excited for this trip. Cohen is going to Grandma Gail's... which means, I get to sleep in! We are staying in Jeff's parent's vacation house down there. And then on Saturday we are going to VEGAS! woohooo! I'm really excited! And then we're coming home on sunday. Of course I will post pictures next week. This is the first 'trip' without Cohen. I don't really feel sad, or worried, I feel more guilty! Like, "we're leaving you here, so we can go have fun!" It's kinda sad..... But i know he's in excellent hands with my Mother-in-law!!


The Hester Clan said...

So stinking cute! And...I am still pretty sure he says "Baydon". Such a cutie. Have an awesome time, and get some sleep for me.

Auntie Tracey said...

Ack!! I cannot WAIT to hear him chattering!! Only four days!!! Hooray!!!

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