Monday, December 29, 2008

What a cutie

Cohen is five months old today! Oh my gosh I love him so much! If I knew five months and one day ago what was in store for me, I wouldn't have believed it! Last week he started sitting up! Oh my gosh it's the cutest thing! He looks like such a big boy! He actually has a cold right now. I feel so bad. :( Cause there's nothing really i can do about it. His doctor wanted to see him today, cause his cough has gotten pretty bad. Everything looked like a cold... nothing too severe, which is good. He weighs 16 lbs, 3 oz!

So on saturday, we had family pictures taken. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! We haven't had a family picture taken of all of us, since Luke got home from his mission, 6 years ago!!! Tracey's friend, Lisa took them, and I guess these are just sneak-peak pics. I just got them e-mailed to me yesterday. I love these! So here are just a few from the millions that she took! (THANKS LISA!!)

Cute little cousins! Gwen, Cohen, & Jefferson

Trust me, It was hard for me to sit by and watch this! But isn't this sooo cute! Look at her tongue! She is TRULY concentrating.

My cute little boy! 5 months old!!! ahhhhhhh


shanda said...

Ok there are no words that can explain how freaking cute your kid is. He look just like a little Jeff. I love your family pic to. YOur hair is so long I love it.

texasdavies said...

Okay, Jen, I finally read your blog again after months. Your baby is so "stinkin' cute" -- just like you said! You look great, too! And I was about rolling on the floor laughing at the tupperware story. I think we have all been there at one point or another. Sick babies, husbands that are gone a lot. That explains it all. I hope Cohen is better now. I am glad you have had fun with Jen and Luke! Hugs to you and your family!

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