Wednesday, December 17, 2008


okay... so for months now I have gone from blog to blog reading about people obsessing over this book... waiting in lines until midnight for the book to go on sale... And then the movie came out and WOW! I had NO idea what the hype was all about!!!! (I kinda still don't!) This past saturday I was invited to go see it with some girls in my ward. Jeff's reaction was, "Twilight?????? Really?????" Haha.... And I said, "yes, I know... but I haven't gotten out of the house in a LONG time, and I really want to get to know those girls!" So I went. And I had a blast with them. Poor girls though... After the movie, they got an ear full of questions! I seriously still don't understand the hype... but I guess I need to be a reader to fully understand. Unless it's in People magazine, or Good Housekeeping... I might not ever fully understand! :)

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shanda said...

Don't worry Jen I am with you on that one. I have read the first book. It was ok but I don't thing that it should get all of the attion that it has been

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