Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family pics

So while we were in Utah, we had our family pictures taken. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see the finished pictures!! These pictures are obviously taken with my camera, and so in most of the pictures we are not looking at the camera... cause we're looking at the photographer. So just enjoy these until we get the real things!

Here's Cohen in between shots... it was pretty cold outside... So we had to keep him bundled
Finally a cute picture with me and my little man!

The siblings and the in-laws! Nick, Jessica, me, Jeff, Jenny & Keith

Just the fam.

Ashlynn, Cohen, Braydon, Brock, Gavin, Blake, & Garrett

The whole clan!

The Hester Family

And a freaking cute little family


Katie said...

Cute pictures! By the way, Cohen's outfit for Temple Square is the best. Love it!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute little family! I miss Cohen!! And you and Jeff, of course!

Nice sweater by the way!

Tatton and Kirsten said...

you guys ae so darling!!! especially the family picture on the bottom-LOVE it!!!

Brooke said...

Your family pictures turned out so cute! That little Cohen is such a doll!!! It was so great to see him :)

shanda said...

Holly cow you have been posting a lot am I that out dated

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