Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life as a 2 year old

I thought I needed to start posting funny things Cohen does day to day... so here's one that happened the other day.

I was in the play room, rocking Molly to sleep, and Jeff went in to check on Cohen during his "nap" time. All I see is Jeff walk into Cohen's room, ask "Cohen?", start laughing and tell me to come here! So I go into Cohen's room and to my surprise, I don't see him anywhere! I asked Jeff where he is, and while laughing, Jeff points under the bed! I look down and all I see are Cohen's feet!! I asked Jeff if he was asleep. and he shrugged his shoulders like he didn't know. I asked, "Cohen???" and a few seconds later, Cohen pokes his head out, with such a cute mischievous smile!! Jeff and I start laughing sooo hard! It was so funny. i have no idea what he was doing under there... but I'm happy he was, cause it made our day! :)

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