Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Being Thankful: Day 22

I am very thankful to Little Clippers... the haircutting place i took Cohen to today. When we lived in Utah, we went to a kid's hair cutting place that we LOVED. We saw the same lady every 5 weeks. It was wonderful. At first it wasn't, and usually at the beginning of the cut, he would freak out. but after a minute, he was fine. Then we moved here, and had no idea where to go. I googled Kid's hair cutting places... and found a couple. The closest one was in West Linn. So we checked it out. I made the appointment, and warned them of Cohen. They assured me that they deal with it everyday, and it was no big deal. Well it was a very cute place... very girly though. It was more of a little girl's boutique than a kid's place. The lady that cut Cohen's hair was awful. She kinda made me feel bad for having a kid that wouldn't sit still. It really irritated me. And it was pretty expensive. I didn't even like the cut either. BOOO! I wouldn't recommend that place ever.

So today, we decided to try the next closest one in Lake Oswego. When we pulled up, I thought, "this is more like it!!" It was AWESOME! yes, Cohen freaked out, but the lady was sooooo nice about it. she called herself "Grandma Nancy!" sooo cute! After just a minute, Cohen calmed down, and did an awesome job! I just loved it! So i am very grateful we have found Cohen's new salon! Yipppeeeee!!!!

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