Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lake Tahoe 2009!!!

Jeff's family, since his mom was young, have made it a tradition to have a "reunion" at Lake Tahoe, every year. I'm talkin, his WHOLE family! Let's see... I think there were like 8 or 9 families that come. It's crazy, but fun! We got there on saturday, the 4th, and left saturday the 11th. It was a very relaxing and crazy week. Cohen was soooooo cute. It was so fun watching him play in the sand, and be on the boat, and play with all the cousin's. He had a few 'firsts' while we were there! The first one was, it was the first time he'd been on a boat! He was soo cute with his little life jacket on! And he totally didn't care! We even took him on a tube ride! :) Another one was he started fully standing on his own!! Oh boy, it's so cute. I couldn't ever get a picture of it though... I see walking in his future!

Cohen was so comfortable with everyone!! It was so fun watching him interact with everyone! And it was just so nice that he had people to play with, and everyone was so sweet to him, and always looked out for him.

Those cute little girl's are: Calie: Jeff's cousin's daughter, and Kelly: Jeff's aunt & uncle's daughter. Kelly took him as her own that week! she was sooooo sweet with him!

Family pics! We decided it would be a perfect time to get a family picture while we were in such a beautiful place! I think they turned out great!

Okay, so Jeff's family decided to go out to dinner, So we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a "family" date night! We decided we would go out to dinner, and drive up to the view point to get some pictures, and then go to a park to push Cohen on the swings, just the three of us! Well we get ready to go, and I'm standing next to the car waiting for Jeff to unlock the car... and I hear him yelling from inside the condo to come back in. I was very irritated cause I had been waiting a while, and it was very hot out..... Come to find out, Jeff had left the car keys in his sister's car from lunch earlier that day!!! Everyone had already left for dinner, and NO ONE... i mean NOOOO ONNE answered their cell phones!!! BAH! So to make good of the evening... we ordered pizza delivery, and just hung out in an empty condo! We ended up having a blast. Cohen was in such a good mood. So we took a bunch of pictures.... here are a few of them:

Last day in Tahoe. The top right picture of cohen sitting in the sand, is my favorite picture I took of him all week! I seriously took like a hundred pictures of just him playing in the sand, cause it was just so cute. He didn't have a care in the world!

I had a blast in Tahoe. At times I was very bored... but if you knew my family, you would know why! But I think my favorite thing, besides being with Cohen and Jeff, was the scenery. WOW is that place just BREATHTAKING!!! The way the lake looked with the Moon shining on it at night, or the sunsets.... And the crystal clear water. It was just so BEAUTIFUL. It really makes me think about the blessings that we all have, that we might take for granted.

I'm so glad we went.

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