Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jefferson + Cohen = REALLY cute cousins!

So as I stated in the below post, I was able to fly to Portland from my vacation in Lake Tahoe for my grandpa's funeral. Luke and Jefferson were able to come as well! I was only in portland for 24 hours, so these are the only pictures I could get of the two of them. Jefferson wasn't really in the mood to have a little kid take his toys. However, by the time I had to leave, we did catch Cohen hugging Jefferson, and Jeffer didn't pull away! :) Too bad I didn't get that one on camera. Oh I just love that little Jeffer!


The Jen said...

#1. Cohen is huge and he looks like he is turning blonde.

#2. Jefferson looks like he should be reported for child abuse.

#3. I swear I don't throw my kid down the stairs. We don't even have any.

#4. Cutest face on Cohen in the bottom left pic.

I love those little boys.

Alicia said...

These are SERIOUSLY cute little cousins! It's so fun seeing Luke being an uncle. I keep forgetting that even though Nick and Taylor are old hands at the "uncling" stuff, Luke is relatively new to it, and he is a very cute uncle.

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