Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Utah Graham's' BBQ!!

Okay, I completely forgot about these pictures until I put in my memory card today and... HELLO! Cute pictures!!

So two weeks ago, my cousin's and I decided we needed to get together for a little bbq! It consisted of: Aunt Jan, Ashley, Grant, Sara, Oliver, Devin, Lindsay, Jeff, Cohen, and myself! It was sooo much fun! We decided to eat on the floor downstairs, cause it was waaaay cooler downstairs! So that is why we are eating on blankets! It was so much fun, I really hope we keep this a tradition.... of doing it! :)

Top right: I was taking a picture, and they were complaining that I took it while they were eating... so I took another one OF them eating! Oliver LOVED the cupcakes, and he and Cohen were soooo cute playing together. Just a great day.

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