Saturday, July 25, 2009

our saturday...

Well today was a LONG day! We got a lot done, so I feel very accomplished... but I am pooped now. This morning, while Cohen was sleeping, I looked outside, and it was overcast!!!!! I was sooo happy! It has been in the hundreds allll week. And our garden was desperate for some weeding... But I didn't even want to look at it, cause it was sooo hot out! So after I saw the WONDERFUL, much needed, overcast weather, I ran in and woke Jeff up, and told him we HAD to weed, RIGHT NOW!!! So we did.

Then we ran some errands... to costco, and then to Target, to get (hopefully) the last of Cohen's birthday stuff for his party. When we got home, we put Cohen down for a nap, and then Jeff and I got to work! We had to put together a few things we got Cohen for his birthday (which is wednesday for those of you who don't know!) I was going to post pictures of the finished product..... however, decided we would wait until after his birthday! :) We got him a table and chairs set from Ikea, painted it, and did different things on it to make it cute... pictures to come later..... So that took all afternoon putting that together and painting it.

Then after Cohen woke up, We FINALLY worked on Cohen's room. I feel like a horrible person, thinking we've lived here for HOW LONG, and we are just now getting to Cohen's room. BLAH! We couldn't decide if we wanted to paint his room or not. Cause for some reason, the people that own this town home, decided not to paint the room that he's in. They painted the ENTIRE house, except his room. And so we were going to paint.... however there are vaulted ceilings, and it's just really awkward, so we decided not to. :(

I am soooooooo happy with this train picture thing. I had made his name thing the week he was born, and had it hanging from a curtain rod. Then right before we moved here, I bought the train vinyl thing. I just thought it was the cutest thing ever! For months, I scratched my head wondering how I was going to put it on his wall. I didn't want to put it directly on the wall, in case I couldn't get it off if we move. So two weeks ago, I was at Ikea. I was in the "as is" clearance section, and there was a section of cabinet doors, and such. I picked up that black door, and it HIT ME! Why hadn't I ever thought of something like that before?! So for TWO DOLLARS, I ran with it!!! I put card stock on it, and then stuck the train on! Then I stuck his name thing on it. WOW, I just love it! I will admit, that Jeff had a hay day trying to get that thing mounted on the wall! But he did a great job!

I can not believe that Cohen will be ONE on wednesday!!! How on earth do *I* have a ONE YEAR OLD?! WOW! Cohen has changed so much this past month. We just put him in a forward facing car seat! He already looks so much bigger in it! What a little BOY! ACK! Oh I just love that little kid so much! I feel like he's going to start walking any day now. His favorite thing right now is to climb up the stairs! There is a door that shuts at the top of the stairs, which is really nice. But downstairs, they are wide open. So anytime I am doing laundry or we are doing anything down there, and Cohen crawls off, we KNOW he is going straight for the stairs! He gets like three stairs up, and he just starts CRACKING UP!!! I have NO idea why he starts laughing... but it is soooo cute! And i can't help but laugh too! I'm trying to teach him to crawl down backwards, but he's not having it... hopefully soon!

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ohmigosh, he looks so big in the front-facing seat!!! what a handsome lil' wonder you're so ga-ga over him! ;)

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