Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To the farm we go!

Yesterday morning Jenny and her three boys, Jeff, cohen, and myself, all well to the farm at Thanksgiving Point! It was so much fun! They had a lot of different animals. And I'm pretty sure Cohen loved it! I think it was better than going to the zoo, cause here we could get really close up to the animals, so he could really see them. And all the boys loved feeding the chickens and turkeys! They got snapped at a couple times! Those turkeys were HUGE!!!

Oh, this was sooo fun! Cohen's first pony ride!!! :) At first all he was really interested in was a piece of thread that was on his saddle! And then he would reach for the horse's hair, it was really cute! It was just a really fun day!


Auntie Tracey said...

So so cute! Both Cohen and Jenny's boys are so adorable! And seriously, sister, you are looking skinny! I need you to show me the diet when you're here, k?


Cohen's face is priceless! I love it~!

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