Sunday, April 12, 2009

The ZOO!

Last monday, it was beautiful outside! So my friend, Brittany and I decided to go to the Zoo with our cute kids! Well everyone in Portland had the same idea! We parked probably a mile away... it was insane! But it didn't stop us! It was really fun! I hadn't been to the Portland Zoo in probably 7 years. So of course I pull out my camera to take a picture of Cohen. I turn it on, and in the corner of the screen was a red number 2. Which only means ONE thing: I DON'T HAVE MY MEMORY CARD, AND I ONLY HAVE 2 PICTURES TO TAKE!!! Oh my gosh, I just about died. So Brittany, being the great friend that she is, offered to let me use her memory card. She pulls out her camera opens it up, and sees a little empty hole, where the memory card SHOULD be!! She didn't have her memory card either!!! Seriously.......................... wow. So after deleting a few pictures, we had about 10 pictures between the two of us to take. Well, I can't get the pictures off my camera yet... so here's a picture that Britt sent me. I'll post more once I get them. I can't believe that happened.

Other than that, it was a really fun day! We saw all the animals, even the little baby elephant! Thanks Britt!

This monkey was awesome!! (to the left of me with the blue face) He just stood there in front of the glass! We think he was looking after all the female monkeys. Either way, he was awesome!

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Auntie Tracey said...

That's a very cute picture! You two are such cute mommies :)

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