Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Cohen's Crawling!!!!

So on sunday, we were visiting the Hibler/Morrow family. Emily took Cohen into the house, while we were all enjoying the sunshine. She came out and said that he was crawling after Natalie (Lyndsi's daughter), kinda saying it like it was no big deal. And I said, "crawling?" Her response.... "yeah". I started freaking out, saying that HE HAD NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!!! Luckily she got it on video on her phone! So I watched it over and over!! I couldn't believe it! It's also sooo cute, cause Cohen is totally laughing at Natalie! soooo precious!

**I tried to upload the video from Emily... but it wasn't working.... I'll try again later....**

So then today, he was playing on the floor, and he started crawling again! And i was amazed that he did it again after i got my camera out... and then again when Auntie Allie came over! Oh I just love him!

A cute picture of Auntie Allie, and Cohen looking at books. my lovely sisters, and my mom came over today to help me pack and look after Cohen so I could pack. It was such a big help, especially since Jeff was at the Blazer game tonight with my brothers. GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!!

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WOOHOO!!! That's so cute! Watch out for things now...Brookelyn loves crawling to the garbage and licking it! Every time I turn around that's what she's up too...GOOD TIMES!!! Good luck with your move, wish we could help!

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