Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here comes the sun!

Today was UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I had to work this morning... but as soon as I got home we packed up a lunch and headed for the park! Oh it was just soooo fun! Cohen had a blast rolling around on the blanket, pulling grass and sticking it in his mouth! We then put Cohen on his FIRST swing!! He loved it! It was sooo cute! So we took as many pictures as we could before the batteries died. :(

My Sweet boys in the sunshine.

Cohen enjoying the swing!

We had such a wonderful day today as our little family. I love spring time. The trees and the flowers are blooming, and they are just beautiful! Oregon is just such a pretty place. I will TRULY miss it terribly!

After Cohen's nap, and dinner time, we felt like we really needed to take advantage of this weather, so we took a walk. I do have to admit, that we had the shades closed most of the day. I hated it, cause I just wanted the sun to shine in.. but it was so hot in here!! blah! We actually had to get the fan out!

I'm just really happy that we got to spend this day together in this wonderful weather. We lucked out that it was nice on a day that jeff wasn't working!



Schmidt Happens... Portland Oregon Chapter said...

It was absolutely amazing. I love it when it gets warm!!! He is so CUTE. I'm going to miss seeing you guys all the time when you move. :(

The Jen said...

He is sooooooo cute! I cannot believe how big he is. I can't wait to see you, we are going to have sooo much fun!

Alicia said...

Such cute pictures! Great memories of a beautiful spring day!
Love, Mom

The Hester Clan said...

Cohen is SO cute! I can't wait to squeeze the little dude again soon! His face just makes me laugh, so intense. Love it!!!

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