Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We met with the kids' new pediatrician today. We really liked him, and we really liked the office! So we're pretty happy all in all. They both had shots. Which was the worst thing ever. I had to literally lay on top of Cohen on the table, while he screamed and cried and got four shots. It was horrible. Since my face was right in front of Cohen's, I tried to be happy, and calm. But as soon as it was over, I just held him and cried! I'm horrible, I know... but come on!! My little baby is in pain!! Then it was Molly's turn. Sweet little girl. She cried too, while Jeff held her down. They really need to come up with a better process for that. Maybe a chair that has a bed of needles on seat cushion, and then strap them down with black straps, oh and handcuff them to the chair! I don't know, just a suggestion!

Molly (5 months 1 week):
16 lbs 4 oz 75%
26 1/2 inches 95%

Cohen (2 years 3 months):
25 lbs 10%
36 1/2 inches 75%

Cohen's weight isn't probably super accurate.... Cohen refused to sit on the weigher thing... so I had to hold him and be weighed with him.

They are both healthy, and growing perfectly! and cute of course! :)


The Hester Clan said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Molly is already 5 months old, that is just plain crazy! We need to make it out to see you guys. I am hoping to plan a trip over spring break. I cant believe how big Molly is. She is going to catch up to Cohen pretty soon. So crazy! That silly boy needs to stop running off all his fat. :)

tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

100% there with you on the shots...I HATE having to hold them still, just hate it.

I can't wait to meet Molly at Christmas! And to see you guys and get caught up on life! It's been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long since we've seen each other IN PERSON!

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