Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Cohen is soooo cool!"

Obviously I can't read Molly's mind, but if I could, I know that Molly is thinking just how cool Cohen is. I just LOVE watching her watch him! She is mesmerized by him! I can not wait to see how they interact when she's bigger.

Last night after dinner, we turned on some music, and Cohen went to town. Usually when we turn on music, he wants me to dance with him. But not this time. He wanted me to sit and watch him!! :) Everytime I would stand up, to change the music, pick up Molly, whatever... he would run over to the fireplace, and tap his little finger and say "mama!" where he wanted me to sit!! I tried to get a video of Molly laughing hysterically at Cohen, but it didn't happen. So here's a video of Cohen.

Oh, and P.S. for some reason Cohen, right now, thinks dancing is just running around in circles! Sometimes he jumps up and down... but his new thing is running around in circles!

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