Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Months!

I swear, I JUST posted about her being 4 months old! Oh well... here are Molly's 5 month pictures! I didn't weigh her. I forgot... :( But she has a doctor's appointment this week, so I'll post her stats then. Her second tooth just popped through yesterday! I can't believe it! She's growing waaaay too fast! Time is seriously going too fast! She is SO happy! I'm not kidding. I sometimes forget she's in the room cause she's so content. She really never cries, she is so happy! She always has a smile on her face! She makes us so happy. She's been sleeping really well this past week. Like 8-9 hours straight a night! So let's hope that keeps up! I am still so happy she's apart of our family!

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