Friday, August 20, 2010

Cohen's 'Big Boy' bed!

The day after his birthday, Jeff and I moved furniture around, and Cohen had his first night in his new bed!! We bought his twin bed before Molly was born, and kept it in her room for our guests to sleep in. Molly's sleeping through the night, so we decided to move her to the crib, and Cohen to his bed! This picture was taken his first night in it! The first night was kinda hard. He cried for awhile, and so I went and layed with him while he fell asleep! It was so sweet! He woke up a few times in the night crying, cause I think he fell off the bed! Now we have a rail up. Overall, he surprisingly is doing GREAT in his bed! The first week, he would fall asleep at the door on the floor, but now he falls asleep in his bed. The only thing that's weird, is that he wakes up and starts crying. We don't know if it's because he doesn't know how to get out of his room, since he can't open doors yet, or what... so hopefully that will pass.

We actually can't believe how well he has adapted to his bed! Now when we say "it's time for bed", he runs up into his room, picks out a book, and sits on his bed!! It's so sweet! I can't believe how much bigger he is to me now! :( my sweet little punky dunks is growing up!

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