Friday, August 20, 2010

What a wonderful day!

This day actually kinda started out kind of crappy... I've been sick the last few days, but it came on strong this morning. I have NO voice, my throat is sooo sore, and my ears are killing me! It hurts so bad everytime I would swallow, and talk. AWFUL! Jeff had a meeting early this morning, so he was gone by the time we all woke up. I didn't know what I was going to do. Cohen and I were in the kitchen, and I was trying to make him breakfast. He was upset about something... I couldn't calm him down, cause I honestly think he couldn't understand me! It was really hard, so frustrating! So i called and made an appointment with my midwife. I called Jeff, and luckily he was going to be done with his work day earlier than expected, so he was able to come home and watch the kids so I could go to my appointment. long story short... my midwife thinks i have strep throat, I don't. But she sent a sample to be tested, so we won't know til monday. She says it also could be laryngitis... that's what I think it is. either way... sucks. She told me to take sudefed, and advil for now. So that's what I did.....

After Cohen woke up from his nap, Jeff took him to the park, so I could rest. I started feeling so much better! I could actually swallow without cringing, or wanting to cry... and the pressure in my ear was gone! LOVELY! Jeff came home, and made dinner! SO sweet of him! It was fabulous!
After dinner Jeff helped Cohen color a picture to send to his uncle Taylor! Cohen loves stickers! So he had to add stickers to his picture, and also cover Jeff and I with stickers! :) Then we went out front and just hung out. It was so nice out, so we blew bubbles, and played with sidewalk chalk! It was soooo fun! For Cohen's snack before bed, I decided to pop some homemade popcorn, so he could watch it pop! Cohen loves the song, 'popcorn popping', And he knows all the hand motions! After we went through the song once, I got my camera... He didn't do all the motions in the video, but you get the idea, so cute! And please forgive my voice... AGAIN, it's gone!!

My favorite part is when it goes, " wasn't really so..." He looks at his finger to make sure it's in pointing position!! :) so cute!

Today went from really crappy, to simply wonderful! Thanks to my amazing husband, and my adorable kids!!

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Allie said...

Aww your voice is so sad =( Hopefully you're feeling better! This is such a cute video of Cohen, I love how he tries to just dance in between the movements to the song haha

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