Friday, August 6, 2010

...oregon family comes for a visit...

I am so behind on my blog... So this is from when my family came a week and half ago. Monday morning (July 28th), Cohen, Molly and I picked Taylor up from the airport. Everyone was coming into town, cause this was the week we were taking Taylor... my baby brother, to the MTC! I still can't believe it! Anyway, his flight came in at 9 am, and everyone else were driving here that evening... So we had time to spend with just Tay Tay. We headed over to Temple square for a little bit. It was so cute watching Cohen run around and Taylor chase him! Taylor was really tired, so we had an early lunch at NYPD pizza (Jeff met us there), and then we headed home for naps. Cohen and Taylor took naps, while I got dinner ready for that evening. Around 7, my mom, Tracey, Allison and Nick finally arrived! It was so nice, and sooo fun having everyone here! pictures from Temple Square. They found a tractor to look at... notice Cohen holding onto Taylor's ears in the lower right corner! :)

We decided to have a Graham family birthday party for Cohen, since everyone would be here... So Tuesday night was Cohen's "pre" birthday! It was so fun having everyone here for it! He was so much fun opening presents!

I made Cohen an ice cream cake, with Buzz Lightyear on top! He LOVES Toy Story! Cohen for some reason, doesn't really like cake and ice cream... so he didn't eat ANY! he just organized the cupcakes, and played with the toothpick flags that were in them! It was very entertaining for us to watch! AND, I was soooo shocked, he blew out his own candles!!! It was sooo cute! He also learned to say "two" when we ask him how old he is... and he holds up two fingers! I need to get a video of it!

After his birthday dinner and desert, we spent the evening outside. It was so nice out, and it was just so fun relaxing and hanging out together.

Since it was Taylor's last night, we had to get pictures with him! So everyone got their one on one pics! What a cute little brother I have!

Taylor needed a hair trim.. so Allie and I went to work with the trimmers! Funny story seeing that pic of Nick and Molly.... after we took Taylor to the MTC, Nick, Allie, Tracey and I went to my in-laws to pick up Cohen and molly. We were playing pool and hanging out in their basement while they slept. After a while, I asked Nick to go check on Molly.
Nick: No
Me: what? why???
Nick: I don't know how!
Me: seriously?? just go see if she's crying!

A little bit later, Nick comes downstairs and doesn't say anything. A few minutes later, I asked Nick:
Me: did you check on molly?
Nick: yeah .... she was awake, and screaming.
Me: what?!!? seriously???
Nick: yeah, she's screaming her head off!
Me: why didn't you get her?!?!
Nick: I didn't want her to think I was her dad!

ha ha!! Oh wow....

Oh, i guess I didn't mention that my dad flew in tuesday afternoon! Oh we just had so much fun!!

After the MTC, we were killing time before I had to go pick up Cohen and Molly, and before my mom had to take my dad back to the airport, so we hung out at Thanksgiving Point. We got ice cream, and walked around the stores there. Sorry for anyone who actually likes shopping there, but the funnest part of those shops, was playing "guess how much this costs"!! :) Some of the stuff there was priced INSANE! But, Tracey found this great find, and bought it for Molly!! SOOOOOOO CUTE!! we just had to have a fashion show that night! Cute little angel!
I just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, fun and supportive family!! I know you came for Taylor, but thank you for staying with us, and spoiling my kids with love and attention!!!

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