Thursday, September 30, 2010

my 4 month chunky monkey

Man I love this girl!!! She is sooooo fun! She has the sweetest, cutest little personality, and it shows more and more each day! She turned 4 months last week, and she weighs 15 pounds! I tell her all the time that I "accidentally" shrunk her clothes in the wash... so she doesn't get a complex! :) She is growing really fast, and I'm not ready for it! She is now in 6 month clothes! My favorite thing, is the way Cohen and her interact with each other. Yesterday, Cohen and I were dancing in the family room, and Jeff was holding Molly. She would laugh so hard watching Cohen! It was sooo cute! And just the way Cohen always wants to give her hugs and kisses. For the past couple weeks, Cohen has been saying "baby mama" And we just thought he was saying, baby, mama. For me, and molly. Well, we think he's really saying "baby molly"! So cute! He loves his little sister. and you can tell that Molly already thinks the world of him! :)
Here's a video of Molly on her 4 month birthday. She's doing absolutely nothing... but she's so cute!

We took these pictures last week, cause we thought this outfit was so cute. And the one in the lower left corner, my mom took. Molly was keeping me company while I sewed.


Holman Family said...

She is SO adorable!!!!!!!!! We need to hang out again soon!!!!

shanda said...

WOW 4 months already I can't belive how fast it has gone by. Way to go on keeping up on your blog. You have such a beautiful Family

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