Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cohen's 2nd Birthday!

My sweet little punky dunks is 2 years old. I love him so much, and I had so much fun celebrating with him! I know he really didn't know it was his birthday, or what that means... but it was just such a fun day! I taught him to say "2", when I ask him how old he is. And he holds up two fingers! So cute! Allison and Nick stayed with us an extra two days... so they were able to be here on his birthday! It was awesome having them here! That morning, Jeff Nick, and our cousin Grant went golfing, so Allie, Cohen, Molly and I went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Cohen LOVES the farm!

Last year on his birthday, I went a little overboard for his party, which I totally think that's fine for moms to go overboard on their child's first birthday... HOWEVER... I did not plan well. I did everything ON his birthday. So we didn't really do anything fun, except his party. So my goal this year was to have everything done ahead of time, so I could actually enjoy this day with him! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It was SUCH a fun day!! And I was so calm, and happy! Which if you know me, I'm usually on edge with those type of things....

Anyhoo... So here we are at the farm, just chasing Cohen around! He was so cute riding the pony!

While we were waiting for the last few people to arrive at his party, Cohen couldn't wait any longer. He went right for his presents! It was so much fun watching him open his presents! And i have never seen so much Toy Story, in my life! He was in 7th heaven!! He got some really nice gifts! (thank you everyone!)

Here he is with his cake! He didn't blow out the candles like he did the night before... he was a little more occupied with the Toy Story gummies on the cake! :) He won't eat cake or ice cream either... so he just ate the gummies!
For Cohen's big present from us, he got a water table! He loves playing outside, and with water... so it was perfect! He loves it. We also got Buzz Lightyear glider things, for the boys to fly around!

Here are the boys beating the heck out of the pinata! Cohen didn't really understand... but he enjoyed the part when the boys busted it open!

The aftermath!

I'm just so glad this day turned out so well! We had so much fun with Cohen, and it was day when we truly gave him, and did whatever he wanted! :) I'm so thankful to everyone that called him, and shared this day with him! I couldn't have asked for a better day!!!

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Taylor Chase Graham said...

These pictures are so cute. What a darling and sweet little 2 year old! I love him so much!

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