Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time flies... literally.

There is a lot that will be happening in the next couple weeks. And it's going to fly by. Just like this pregnancy. This pregnancy has by far, gone by the quickest. But it has also been the most challenging. I'm sitting at 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. And it's so hard to believe that within 2 1/2 weeks, we'll add another little babe to this crew of ours. I really can't believe it. REALLY. I feel completely ready as far as clothes, diapers, burp rags, crib, binks, all the fun little baby things.... (I'm almost done with his blanket)..... but it's still so hard to believe I"m going to be responsible for another human being. And I still ask myself daily, "Am I really equipped to be responsible for these children?!" Apparently I am. :)

Monday - Luke & Jenny (and children) will be getting to town from Albuquerque (YAAAAY!!!)
Tuesday - waxing family's faces
Wednesday - Sydney's Temple endowment, with family dinner.
Thursday - nothing :)
Friday - Sealing day! In charge of bride's make-up and flowers at the dinner that night.
Saturday - Graduation dinner for Allison
Sunday - Father's Day & Allison's graduation from PSU
Monday-Sunday - the baby will be making an appearance!

Gah... I'm tired just typing that all out.....

The things that really get me through the day are Cohen and Molly. They are just so excited and happy about everything. They are so excited to see their cousins, they literally can't stand it, they talk about it every hour of every day. And they are so cute about the baby coming. They snuggle and kiss the baby belly, they help name it... Cohen's name he likes is Arthur, and Molly's is Stinky head. Man, how do we choose?! They helped me pick out the baby's new binks at the store, they help me hang the baby clothes... they are going to be such cute older siblings!! I can't wait to see them with the babe.

Now that Jeff has hooked up our AC units in our house, I am ready for this next week to come. :) Man, it's hot out.

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