Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm ready, why can't he?!

So I am totally ready for this baby to come. But I guess this little guy has a different agenda. I have 2 days left til my due date. My midwife keeps telling me he's already big and going to be at least 9 pounds... So he's physically ready to come out! :) If this is his way of testing my patience... That's not nice. 

Things I'm excited for:
- first and foremost... To not have heartburn. Never ever again. (Well until the next baby, if.)
- to sleep on my stomach
- walk up stairs without having to pass out.
- be able to bend over to pick something up. 
- have my skinny ankles back.
- to go running!!
- to not be so hot & sweaty alllllll the time.
- and I suppose I'm excited to snuggle my new babe! ;)

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