Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This year we did Father's day a little different. We celebrated a week earlier. Since I knew we'd be spending father's day at Allison's graduation, I wanted to do something special. And knowing that the week before Father's day we wouldn't be spending much time as a family with all the chaos going on for Taylor's wedding.... I decided to surprise Jeff with a day trip to the beach! So Saturday night, the kids revealed the surprise! I cleared Jeff of any church meetings, and I got a sub for my Sunday School class. Sunday morning we took off for Lincoln City!
I did little questionnaires with the kids, and they gave them to Jeff before we left.
The weather was GORGEOUS!! Not a cloud in the sky. However, being the Oregon Coast, it was INSANELY windy, thus making it pretty cold. It was pretty dang annoying, since sand would fly into our eyes at any given second. Making lunch was almost near impossible. It was pretty miserable. The kids didn't seem to mind too much though. Cohen still ran through the water!

 At around 3pm, Jeff remembered Devils Lake. DUH! So we packed up and took off about 1/2 mile from where we were at the beach, to the Lake. There was a NIGHT AND DAY difference in the weather! Still gorgeous sky, but NO WIND!! it was awesome!! So the kids actually got to get in their swimsuits and prance around in the water! Oh man, it was great!! We had so much fun!

It was an absolutely perfect day. I enjoyed every little bit of it with my cute little family of four. It was so special spending that time with Cohen & Molly.

I am so thankful for Jeff, and what an amazing Dad he is to our precious kids. He has also gone above and beyond these last few months with me getting so large and unable to do much! My kids are so lucky!!!

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