Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh the little things...

On this particular night, Jeff was working pretty late, so it was just me and the kiddos. I had a boot camp class, so I brought the kids with me to the kids club at the gym. After class, I noticed the sun had come out, and it was a beautiful evening. So I took the kids to the park.
Molly ran straight for the swings, and Cohen ran off for the play structure. After being at the park for barely 2 minutes, I hear an outburst from Cohen. I look over and he's walking towards me with soaking wet pants! I look at the slide, and there was a huge water puddle at the bottom! Poooor little Cohen!! I told him we had to go home, because I didn't have any extra pants. He was really sad. Not mad, Sad. Which is worse. Molly threw a fit! She just didn't understand.
So when we got in the car, I looked back at Co, and he had huge alligator tears in his eyes. I was seriously heartbroken! I remembered that the night before, Jeff and I bought a tunnel for Molly for her birthday. So I told Cohen that I had a surprise for them when we got home.
I pulled out the tunnel, and they acted like it was Disneyland!! It was hilarious! For the next 30 minutes, all I heard were squeals, laughter, and lots of running around!

So you might be thinking I gave in... but are you kidding?! It was TOTALLY worth it!

(look at his cute little buns in that tunnel!)

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Alicia said...

SUCH cute pictures! I makes me sad to think that Cohen was so heartbroken to leave the park early, but you saved the day! What a great Mom you are!!
~Grandma Lish

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