Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What a fun day this was for us! So many fun traditions started this year. Sadly, I took a lot of pictures of dying eggs, and them finding their easter baskets, but I got a new phone since then, and I haven't taken the pictures off the old phone yet. :( One fun thing that we did was after we dyed eggs, we had Cohen take the carton of eggs out to our back porch. We told him that if he set the eggs outside, hopefully the Easter Bunny would come get them and leave him a treat. So in the morning he ran downstairs and looked outside, and sure enough there were the kids' easter baskets! Cohen thought that was so fun!

Here is Molly and Cohen in their Easter outfits. Molly's dress came from Grandma Lish (an early birthday present!) And Cohen's vest came from my cousin, who donates all her kids' clothes to us! :) Oh, Cohen had to pose with his cars, of course!

After church, we headed over to my parents house for an Easter egg hunt, and then a scruptious dinner with my whole fam.

The day was just beautiful. And I just have to add that in YW's, my friend Jennie, taught the combined lesson. She did the whole week leading up to Christ's death, and then resurrection. It was just awesome. And now thinking about it, I dont' think I ever told her how amazing it was, and what a great job she did! The spirit was so strong, and really set a wonderful tone for the rest of the day.

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