Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Portland Fun!

Nick's Birthday was June first, but that was the day of Taylor's graduation, so we decided to celebrate his birthday on Saturday. Luke, Jenny, Gwen, and Jefferson flew in that evening, just in time for Gwen to get her purple balloon!! :) It was sooooo awesome seeing them!

I'm really glad we got to be there for Nick's birthday. I hope he had a really fun weekend. I love you Nicky!!!!

Cute little cousins! Jefferson had a hard time sharing toys (the skateboard) with Cohen... luckily Cohen didn't care one bit. Soon they will be such cute little buddies and those things won't matter! I can't wait for that time!

Cohen learned a new face while we were there! I don't even know what to call it. but it's stinkin cute!

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!?!

Cohen, and myself met Luke, Jenny, Gwen and Jeffer downtown at the waterfront. We had a blast splashing around in the fountain. I had to watch Cohen VERY carefully, since he loves water so much, he would crawl right in if I let him! Luke took some VERY cute pictures of him while we where there.

Saturday night Taylor was DJing the church youth dance... so us brother's and sisters decided we needed to go see him work his magic! So after we put the kids to bed, we: Tracey, Conrad, Luke, Jenny, nick, Darcy, Allie, and myself headed down the street to the church. None of us were in the "dress code", but luckily our Aunt Linda was there and let us go in! Thanks Aunt Linda!!! We walk in, and there are about thirty kids there, but the music was booming, and we all started dancing!! It WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! We soon got everyone that was there involved in our dance circle. Oh my, it was just so much fun. Taylor did SUCH an awesome job!!! I was VERY proud of him! Taylor would turn on a song, and then jump off the stage and dance with us! Oh it was the best time. By the end, we were all drenched with sweat.... i'm not kidding. We all felt soooo out of shape. And I don't know about everyone else, but I was very sore the next day! I REALLY wish I had pictures of that night. :( But trust me, it was awesome!

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